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You Are Not Safe, and Never Were..or Muslims and Murderers and Politicians

November 1, 2017

A muslim terrorist killed eight innocent civilians in New York. The terrorist  ran over them with a rented truck. The murder wasn’t stopped by civilians or police. The murderer chose to stop by ramming his truck into a loaded school bus. This “truck violence” is the latest shock headline that the mainstream media uses to sell us soap and deodorant. Politicians are selling us spin at the same time. Politicians are in the business of selling government services as much as the news media is in the business of selling our attention to their advertisers.

We were told that government protects us, and that we’re safe. We were sold a bag of lies, and we bought them with a smile. Look at the record with me.

We were sold that open borders immigration is good. In truth, immigration is a mixed blessing at best. This murderer was an immigrant who was admitted under Obama’s diversity visa program. Obviously, some immigrants are not an addition to our society, but a burden. Let’s be honest and admit that open borders are a particular burden for the lower and middle class who compete with recent immigrants.

We were also sold that the government can protect us. We were told that we don’t need to protect ourselves, since that is what the police are for. That is what New York politicians said as they disarmed the honest citizens of New York City. When all else fails and more people are killed in Democrat run cities..the politicians can always call for more gun control. That proposal doesn’t have to work in practice so much as it has to show that the politician is “concerned and caring”.

A politician’s public appearance is far more important than their actual performance. In practice, gun bans fail to keep us safe, just like truck registration and driver’s licenses failed to stop a jihadi with a rental truck. In the case of this murder, disarming honest citizens made us less safe since we had to wait minutes for a policeman to bring a gun and stop the terrorist.

Politicians sell what they have, even if it doesn’t work. Politicians are carnival barkers selling you a magic cloth. They will say anything to make the sale as the sell the illusion of safety. Like the carnival salesman, it is the politician’s job to speak confidently even when he knows nothing. Politicians sold us gun bans and gun registration and promised us that we were safe. Next, they can sell us truck registration. They will sell us anything so they seem relevant.

The truth is that politicians can’t protect us. We are not safe. We never were. Safety is an easy illusion to sell. It is too easy. Too many of us are eager to pretend that we’re safe. They eagerly believe the next lie we’re sold.

The news media needs the politicians too much to call them out as liars. I will. The mainstream news media and the professional politicians will both lie to us as long as it sells.

Turn them off. Both of them.


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  1. Billy Huckleberry permalink
    November 2, 2017 4:47 am

    Couldn’t have said this better myself. I have been preaching this message to friends & family for the last 5 years. Once again Rob you are spot-on!

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  2. Renov8 permalink
    November 3, 2017 5:45 pm

    I love the way you write and express your thoughts…simple, but straight forward. The best way to get any point across.


  3. Rapid Robert permalink
    December 12, 2017 9:59 am

    I have to keep them turned on. How else will I know what their latest lies are?



  1. You Are Not Safe, and Never Were..or Muslims and Murderers and New York Politicians

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