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The Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame

October 4, 2017

Republicans ran on a few issues.  They said they would reduce the debt, repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, and protect our right to keep and bear arms. Republicans rode Trump’s coattails into office.  Now, there are no excuses for their inaction.  Here is a letter I wrote to my congressman.





Congressman Clay Higgins
Capital One Building
1 Lakeshore Drive
Suite 1670
Lake Charles, LA 70629
337- 656-2833

Speaker Paul Ryan
Office of the Speaker
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515
202- 225-0600

Dear Congressman Higgins and Speaker Ryan,

I listened when you campaigned. I voted for you because of what you said you would do. You said you would protect my right to keep and bear arms. You did not keep your word.

It was probably easier to pass national reciprocity for concealed carry back when you first took office. It is harder now. That is a problem you and the Speaker created for yourselves. It is also harder to remove firearms mufflers from the National Firearms Act because of your long delay.

Congressman and Speaker, that is your problem, not mine. You delayed when you should have acted. I will hold you to your word. Congressman, I expect you to work to replace Speaker Ryan if he is in your way.

Congressman Higgins, I would be glad to speak with you about these topics when you are back in our district.


Robert Morse

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