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Why You Might Not Want to Loot South Texas

August 30, 2017

There is water waist high in the streets.  Amidst the debris,

the authorities would never question one more missing person.


I spoke with law enforcement after Hurricane Katrina.  You don’t expect backup when you’re the only officer for miles.  As an officer, your options are limited once the jail is flooded and the roads are impassable.  Volunteers are working to save lives.

This isn’t your first flood.  There are going to be missing people.  There are going to be bodies in the water.

Suppose you are a law enforcement officer and you see someone who isn’t from here, who doesn’t belong here, taking things that don’t belong to them.  Looters are robbing your neighbors.  That is when a nice cop will break your arms and tell you to go home.  A nice cop who is tired and knows the people you robbed might leave you for the water to clean up.

The people who live there won’t be that nice.  You left them no choice.

Just sayin’.  Choose wisely.

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  1. Ron Hill permalink
    August 30, 2017 6:35 pm

    Been a sworn LEO for 40+ years in suburban Philadelphia and I cannot see any question as to my loyalty in that position of responsibility would strictly adhere to PD policy despite the unfolding of this natural disaster.
    Now retired and enjoying life with limited involvement other than what’s being broadcast on MSM.

    R. Hill
    USMC & LEO – Retired


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