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Gun Owning Snowflakes- So you took a gun to a riot, and now you want help?

August 28, 2017

I’m old and I’ve seen my share of stupid.  You could say that I’ve made a lifelong study of stupid.  I’ve discovered that foolish behavior comes in many forms.  There is the person who does something foolish, and then there are the people who refuse to recognize the foolishness.  Sure, you can be foolish, but expect to pay the price.

You brought your gun to a riot.  You got arrested.  Now you want someone else to pay your legal bills.

Well, yeah.

Why do you think someone else will pay your bills?

But, but the second amendment…

But what about National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America…

Yes, what about them.  Tell me more.

But they support the right to bear arms.

Yes they do.  So?

But I had a gun..and I’m special.


Here is the tough news for you, my friend.  When your mother told you that your were special, she meant that you had a special place in her heart.  It did not mean that you have a special place in the universe..and least of all a special place in front of a judge.

But the NRA protects gun owners.  I had a gun, so won’t they protect me?

There are millions of gun owners whose rights are infringed every day.  The second amendment advocacy groups can defend those gun owners..or they can defend you.  These advocacy groups spend years carefully selecting plaintiffs and filing cases.  They work that hard because they have to win cases in front of judges who dislike the right of self-defense.  You see, those judges see a lot of people who do stupid things with guns.

…but the second amendment…

Right.  Did you talk to the legal departments of these gun organizations before you carried your big black rifle into a riot?

Ah, no.

I didn’t think so.

It looks like you wanted your 15 seconds of fame and assumed someone would protect you from your mistakes while you showed us how “woke” you are.  Well good luck with that.  I hope you have a million dollars saved up for your legal fees.

See, you don’t really support gun owners.

Sigh.  Your mom was right.  You are special.  Now you can go ask the ACLU to fund your follies if you want.  Serious gun-rights organizations have their legal strategies and funding set up for the next several years.  If you have a million dollars to fund your own appeal and then we can talk about where you should have donated your money to help the rest of us.

I learn more about stupid every day.

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  1. Alan permalink
    August 28, 2017 2:38 pm

    Why even give space to these two idiots? By the way, if they thought riots were spectator sports, why were they armed.


  2. Bryan permalink
    August 28, 2017 3:31 pm

    Gun groups take on cases where the outcome could advance gun rights in general via precedent. The outcomes of those cases affect everyone.

    That’s what I donate money to them for. It’s not a fallback fund for random people to use to pay for their defense. We simply can’t afford to fund every lawyer’s new Bentley.

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