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Lessons from the Attempted Murder of Republican Politicians

June 22, 2017

Republican politicians were attacked by a Democrat with a rifle.  There is a lot they can learn.

  • Public figures are targets of violence.  Sadly, so are the rest of us.  You’re more likely to be a victim of violent crime if you’re a poor person living in DC than if you’re a congressman.  It sucks to be us.
  • A good man and woman with handguns stopped a murderer with a rifle.  Now we know what a “good person with a gun can do against an armed attacker”.  They can stop mass murder.
  • The only reason the armed detail was on scene was because senior political officials were there.  Ordinary congressmen are not given armed security details.  Staff are not protected either.  The politicians and staff were lucky.  It could have been a bloodbath.
  • You will be disarmed if you work in, or regularly pass through, Washington, DC.  That is true for all gun-free zones.  Ask the doctors who work in hospitals and the soldiers who work on base.  We’ve told the politicians this for years.
  • You won’t be armed when you’re playing baseball or other sports.  This is true even if you have your concealed carry permit and congress passes universal reciprocity.  The simple truth is that we are safer because we have friends with guns.  I want enough of us armed so that the good guys win every time.
  • 23 thousand gun laws did not stop this murderer.  He bought his guns legally.  He was charged with domestic abuse..but never prosecuted.  The laws we have don’t work if we don’t use them.
  • Expect the usual complaints that “guns are not the answer.”  That argument will fall on deaf ears.  We have a dozen congressmen who were reminded of the truth.

I’m sorry these elected officials were attacked.  If the congressmen had been paying attention, then they could have recognized their risks before they had their recent learning experience.  We’ve been trying to tell them.  Maybe they will listen now.  I hope so.  Welcome to our world.

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  1. Greg Tag permalink
    June 22, 2017 10:00 am

    Truer words have never been spoken. The Congressmen who were attacked were saved simply by happen stance , even those licensed in their home state (Joe Barton is, as is Riger Williams, I believe) are, like the rest of us, disarmed in DC.

    Congress “owns” D.C. and can pass a law, tomorrow, requiring D.C. to honor state issued carry licenses ( or drivers licenses for CC states).

    I realize Eleanor Holmes Norton would squawk about “home rule”, “federalism” and Vongressional bullying of poor D.C., but thecity was never intended to be anything more than a federal hothouse plant, and of all places it should be the place where the Second Amendment is actually “the law of the land”.


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    • June 23, 2017 6:00 pm

      Thank you for adding important details, Greg.


    • Greg Tag permalink
      June 24, 2017 1:55 am

      As to my comment, I really can spell, but when typing in my phone I hit sometimes the wrong keys.

      Mea Culpa

      That should by Roger Williams of Texas 25 th Congressional District . He’s a Second Amendment stalwart.



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