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There is Always a Reason for the Government to Grow

June 14, 2017

Illinois has very restrictive gun laws.  It is also a violent state with Chicago as its failed crown jewel.  Evidently strict gun laws don’t stop crime.  The attacker who shot some Republicans today was from Illinois.   With their perfunctory apologies out of the way, the liberal talking heads will propose more gun control.

Yawn.  Why not, even though your laws just failed again.  Stay stuck on stupid.

Illinois required that you register your rifles.  That didn’t stop the attacker.  You can’t buy ammunition in Illinois without a firearms owners identification card.  The attacker didn’t care about regulations.  Illinois says it checks mental health records on its gun owners every few days.  That is evidently another failed procedure.  As usual, the attacker was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

The real issue here is that the liberal politicians, media, and celebrities told a left wing nutcase that it was just fine to discard Republicans.  The liberal press and politicians will spend a whole second saying they are sorry the Republican politicians were shot.  Then they will spend hours pushing their liberal talking points.  (already started)

I’m unimpressed.  To the libs, your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear your words.

I hope the violence stops now.  I don’t want Democrat politicians shot in reprisal.

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