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Selling Subjugation- opening the doors to terrorism

June 7, 2017

London was attacked again.  Muslim terrorists killed innocent victims for a simple reason.  It works.  Murder advances muslim religious beliefs.  Acts of indiscriminant terror confirm their religious identity.  Mass murder gets their side free publicity and new recruits.  Mass murder also earns the terrorists larger donations from the states who fear them and fund them.  In short, it works..for them.  Why does it work for us?

We have not stopped muslim extremism for simple reasons.  Muslims are willing to kill innocents, while you and I are not.  We’re too lazy to fight back, and this is the fascinating part.

Our subjugation started when a politician said that he’d take care of us.  He said we didn’t need to worry about defending the people we love.  “The government” and “society” would take care of those tiny details.  Many of us believed him.  Even more of us wanted to believe him because the words sound so sweet.

What did the politicians have to offer us?  Violence is ugly and we washed our hands of it.  Self-defense is tedious.  Closing our borders to terrorists means we have to use judgement and say no.  Oh, how uncomfortable.  We subcontracted those efforts to the politicians and the bureaucrats.  Those government employees would protect us.  That is what they said.

Of course, it didn’t work.  The government can’t protect us from violence any more than they can protect us from disease.  At best the government can provide a vaccine that helps us identify a threat.  We need our own immune system.  To accurately complete the metaphor, we need our personal self-defense system.  Don’t hold your breath as you wait for political reform.

A politician never admits failure.  Each time innocent victims were attacked, the politicians said they needed more power, more control, and a bigger bureaucracy.  The government passed more restrictions on honest citizens.  Historically, it meant taking guns from the lower classes like blacks and immigrants.  Now it means taking knives from old ladies.  Self-defense morphed into socialists security theater..and it continued to fail.

Time and again, advocates for the all-powerful state said that regulations would work if only criminals and terrorists would follow the laws.    We never demanded accountability from our politicians.   The politicians stand there bewildered when their utopian plan fails, and we fell for it.  These politicians refuse to grasp that criminals don’t obey gun laws any more than terrorists obey the laws prohibiting bombing.  The politician is foolish for mouthing platitudes, and we are foolish for accepting them.

Now, we see more and more judges who have given up and simply turn criminals loose.  A burglar serves a few weeks of jail time.  A mugger serves time for disorderly conduct.  An honest citizen serves more time than that for self-defense..because self-defense threatens the power of the state.

Politicians said they would keep us safe and secure our borders.  We didn’t need to pay attention because politicians said they could be trusted.  We believed that lie because we were lazy.   Subjugating ourselves to our government left us vulnerable.  Now the government wants to keep us that way.  Today, the more we are victimized the more we need the small tokens of security that the politician deigns to offer.

Where does that leave us now?  It is illegal to defend yourself in most of Europe and in the blue states of the US.  You will be tried and convicted for defending yourself.  You will be sued by your attacker at the taxpayers expense.  You will be vilified for defending yourself.

There are no accidents.  There are only consequences.  Most citizens can’t be bothered to vote.

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  1. June 7, 2017 7:57 pm

    I don’t think lazy is the correct word. Gun sells are up, voter turnout higher. More women learning to use a gun which speaks volumes on self-reliance. I would say Christians are concerned with taking a life. I do think many have/had lost confidence in their vote counting. I do believe we were complacent, and some still are but I hope al least we are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work.


    • June 7, 2017 8:20 pm

      About a hundred thousand voted decided the last presidential election in the US. Europe is still solidly statist. Most gun owners don’t carry.. including most carry permit holders.


  2. Renov8 permalink
    June 8, 2017 8:45 am

    I carry. Most of my friends carry. I even carry an assortment of tools in my truck when doing my routine “stuff”. Cub Scout motto…Be prepared, never served me wrong.

    These sick animals need to be put down, like the dogs they are. A bullet to the head…one and done.

    Images like the ones you posted, bring out the vigilante in me and I am sure others too.

    Own your Self defense…police are there to clean things up and write a report.


    • June 8, 2017 10:06 am

      Renov8, you are an exception. Thank you.

      When I post a picture of murder victims, most people would rather turn their head and walk on.


      • Renov8 permalink
        June 8, 2017 12:02 pm


        It takes little effort to see things for what they are. I truly believe that. Most people go to great lengths to hide from the truth…normalcy bias. Its easier that way, until the truth comes crashing home and shocks you from that slumber you call life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dwell on this stuff, but I do see it.


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