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DEAR CHRISTIANS: Do You Want To Ignore PERSECUTED Christians To Import Muslims? by Greg Hopkins

February 19, 2017

My friend Greg Hopkins is now writing regularly for Clash Daily.  His latest article is on religion and culture.  He asks us why we ignored persecuted Christians for the last eight years.  Great question.  Please give Greg a read. RM

“When Trump announced that he would give immigration preference to persecuted Christians last week, I rejoiced. Yet I saw little rejoicing from my fellow Christians on social media, especially from those on the liberal side of the pews. Throughout his tenure, Obama ignored the plight of Christians in the Mid-East and Africa who have been murdered, tortured, raped, kidnapped, maimed and driven from their homes in the hundreds of thousands by ISIS. Christians haven’t been persecuted for their faith in such numbers, over such a wide area since the Emperor Domitian. Finally granted asylum here, their plight may end. This is a group who, unlike Muslims, can understand the Christian roots of America’s founding and Constitution, and are willing to assimilate.

“So let me ask my fellow Christians some questions for self-evaluation and prayer. Is your plan to reject admission of your brothers and sisters in the faith for a group of people whose religion is not only antithetical and openly hostile to yours, but who are trapped in a 12th century mentality/culture by that religion?”

Source: DEAR CHRISTIANS: Do You Want To Ignore PERSECUTED Christians To Import Muslims? ⋆ Doug Giles ⋆ #ClashDaily

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