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Berkeley Riots and the Political Climate Necessary for Hothouse Snowflakes

February 19, 2017

Let’s talk about what we saw happen on the University of California campus when Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak.  We saw outside protesters shut down free speech at the home of the free speech movement.  That riot does not represent most of America.  The riot represents a minority view and could only happen in the special environment of an intolerant Socialist city.  That riot could only take place in the political micro-climate necessary for hothouse snowflakes.uc-berkeley-riots

You see, anyone the leftist thugs don’t agree with is an intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, fascist bigot.  Let’s simply call us fascist bigots or FBs for short.  Yes,  Milo Yiannopoulos and his audience we’re officially dubbed as FBs..even though the speaker was a gay man with Jewish parents who has a black boyfriend.  We are FBs..even if the audience was mostly students from UC Berkeley.if-you-win

Consider the larger issue from the Socialist point of view.  The protesters had to beat people with metal pipes and burn books in order to stop fascism.  Or, maybe they just like calling names and beating people.  Lots of thugs do.

So the big-government rioters were a little short on issues and an intellectual framework.  Also consider the narrow environment where you can stage such protests and media events.

A few dozen police could have stopped the riot, but they were told not to do so.  The riot was not a matter of insufficient law enforcement resources.  The campus police could have easily stopped the violent riot on campus while still allowing peaceful protest.  Campus police didn’t, even though campus security demanded a seven thousand dollar security fee so that conservatives could speak on the UC campus.  (I think the seven grand was a tax, not a security fee, but we’ll leave that to the 9th circuit court to decide.)  Someone in a position of power, like the Chancellor of UC, Berkeley, Nicholas B. Dirks, probably told campus security to withdraw.  And withdraw they did.

Campus Security was not alone.  They could have asked for help from the local police.  Jesse Arreguin, the mayor of Berkeley, ordered the police to stand back and give the protesters “room for expression.”  The results were predictable.  In case you’ve forgotten, the Mayor of Baltimore told the Baltimore Police to give protesters room to riot before that city burned.  I think the riot was a scripted media event and the riot organizers knew the police would withdraw.

The mayor of Berkeley could have asked for help from the California State Police.  He didn’t ask for help because the riot was politically approved at the highest levels.  It is part of the Socialist party platform to shout down and beat down conservatives.  The interesting question is why.

Socialist politicians and their rich supporters want us to think the Yiannopoulos riot in Berkeley expressed popular rejection of conservative views.  That is the perspective the legacy media tried to sell us.  They are wrong.  The riot was as scripted as a Socialist political convention.  The results were planned before the first ticket was sold, or should I say, before the first ballot was cast.  Building a riot like this wasn’t easy.

There are only a few large Socialist controlled cities where the city mayor would tell the police to withdraw so the media could film a riot.  The list is shorter still, because most US citizens would have stopped the riot even if the local police withdrew.  That sounds like an outrageous claim, but it is true.

Imagine what would happen if a crowd of rioters tried to beat up people and burn businesses in middle america.  The University of California Berkeley campus is a “gun-free” zone in a “gun-free” city embedded in an anti-gun state.  The rioters came with clubs, pipes and sledgehammers while the audience who wanted to hear  Milo Yiannopoulos speak were disarmed.  You wouldn’t find that political micro-climate across most of the United States.  To make my point, imagine if Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Texas A&M.  The peaceful audience would defend themselves when they were attacked by the violent rioters.  The audience wouldn’t start a fight, but they could end one.  I doubt the police would have much to do.  Snowflakes melt pretty quickly when they get outside of their Socialist Hothouse heated with political donations.

The Socialists tried to label us as deplorable, but that didn’t work. Now, they need to paint conservatives as intolerant.  Democrat politicians and their backers want to brand small-government conservatives as extremists.  The Berkeley riot was the latest media event to do so.  That is pure propaganda like the Ferguson riots back in 2014 and the Baltimore riots in 2015.  As a propaganda tool, the riot has worn thin.  

Most of us are tolerant..perhaps too much so.  We want to hear issues openly discussed and we assume good will from others.  That belief isn’t always justified.  It is the Socialists who only tolerate one point of view and claim the right to shout us down rather than engage in open debate.  If you doubt me, then ask how many conservatives sit as tenured faculty on the UC Berkeley Department of Sociology, or who sit on the Berkeley City Council.  The faculty in our elite universities are more segregated than the residents of any gated community.  For that matter, how many conservatives are in the legacy media?  There are a handful, even though most of us describe our views as politically conservative.  Their bias is showing as they try to stereotype us.branding-conservatives

Yeah.  Nice try with the latest public relations campaign trying to re-brand Socialism.  I am not a Fascist Bigot, even though they call me one.  Neither are you.  This riot tells us far more about Socialist California politicians and the legacy media than it does about our beliefs..or the beliefs of Milo Yiannopoulos..if we were allowed to hear them.


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