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The Brain Cramp from Liberal Journalists

January 31, 2017

My god it is hard to be a liberal/progressive/socialist/democrat journalist these days.  The approved talking points are getting narrower and more contradictory.  It is getting harder to spin the news as more of us turn off the “two minute hate” and look for information elsewhere.  For example-

We’re supposed to believe that women hate President Trump.  After all, George Soros bused lots of white women to DC, and lots of the legacy media talked about it.

White women dressed like genitals prove that women hate Trump.

Or not.  The media forgot to tell us that the majority of white women voted for Donald Trump in November.

Ouch.  That makes my head hurt.

Such a simple obvious fact that a majority of white women voted for Donald Trump causes discriminating citizens to react to the legacy news as if the viewers suffered a brain cramp from eating ice cream too fast.  In fact, the legacy media is not allowed to mention the obvious facts as they perform their partisan spin-fest.

But. But.. President Trump will poison us all by bringing back affordable electrical power.. and.. and by bringing more industrial jobs back to the US.  #notmypresident

So that means that liberal environmentalists must be furious at George Soros after Soros bought so many coal companies?  You see, those energy companies were available for bargain prices after Soros’ political activists in the White House and the deep state crushed the coal industry.

Stop it.  It hurts.egspag5zca-2

I know.  I’m sorry.  It isn’t fair that we bring up such unpleasant truths.  We must be full of hate for mentioning the simple facts that make the liberal/progressive/democrat/social-justice-warrior’s head feel like its going to explode.

I could go on, but so can you.  There are lots of liberal/progressive/socialist/democrat icons hanging by a thin thread.  Ask the questions yourself.

Why was the earth warmer than today if man-made carbon dioxide controls our temperature?

Brain cramp. #stopclimateweirding

Sure.  Whatever.

Why are so few of us at work, and why can so few of us finding affordable medical insurance after the progressive/socialist/democrats passed Obamacare?

You hate the poor and want them all to die.


Why do liberals want to register every gun owner with the police.. unless the gun owner is a recent muslim emigre?

Wince.  Um, you’re racist..and Hitler.

Sigh.  Well that didn’t take long.

You and I are not crazy.  They are.  Keep asking those inconvenient questions.  A free people want to know.  There is a reason you won’t settle for their lies.  The reason is integrity.  Don’t give it up for anyone.

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