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Invite a Plumber for Christmas of 2017

December 24, 2016

I moved to Sunnyvale, California in 1996.  My family joined me in December.  Just a few days before Christmas, the gas line to the house corroded through and sprang a leak.  We were without heat or hot water.  I moved my family to stay with relatives.  Merry Christmas.

Skip forward to Christmas of 2000.  We now lived in Santa Rosa, California.  My brother and I were driving down the driveway when my wife gave us a frantic call.  The water pressure was low.  We explored a little bit and found out that the water pump at the bottom of the well had a broken connection.  This was a weekend, so we were suddenly thrown into the well repair business.  We  fixed the pump string and had water by nightfall.

We moved to San Diego a year later.  I walked into my garage the day after Christmas in 2015.  There was water across the garage floor.  The water heater had corroded through.  We had a plumber come out and replace the water heater that Monday.  I’m noticing a seasonal trend in California plumbing.

We moved to Louisiana a bit over a year ago.  My wife noticed that her feet were wet when she loaded the clothes dryer late last night.  The water heater is leaking.  I replaced the drain valve on Christmas eve.

I’m not sure if this the real thing, or only a diversion before the big failure that is yet to come.

drip drip

I’m looking for a plumber who wants to join us for Christmas eve, 2017.  That seems like cheap insurance.

Merry Christmas and enjoy indoor plumbing while it lasts.

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  1. December 24, 2016 4:55 pm

    My nephews are already busy… and in Tennessee. 🙂

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