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Exclusive: DHS Says Georgia Hack May Have Been Rogue Employee

December 11, 2016

obama-syria-chemical-weapons.siWere these government employees simply doing the hacking that honest US citizens just won’t do?  US Department of Homeland Security says it was them, or someone who looked like them, during the attempted hack at the Georgia state IT system.

“The Department of Homeland Security told members of congress Friday that a rogue federal employee may have been responsible for a November hack-attack that targeted the Georgia secretary of state’s system.  On Friday afternoon DHS initiated a conference call with members of Georgia’s congressional delegation to discuss the cyber-attack.

“There’s a lot of mistrust at the moment.”

“DHS officials said on the call that there were two possible explanations for the hack. Either a malicious third-party mirrored the DHS IP address linked to the hack — or someone within the department executed the attempted infiltration without authorization. DHS is currently investigating both possibilities.”

Source: Exclusive: DHS Says Georgia Hack May Have Been Rogue Employee

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