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What the 2016 Election Says About Us

November 7, 2016


President Obama encouraged non citizens to vote.  Hillary Clinton took hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes as she sold access to the State Department.  These are the people we elected to public office.

We did that.

We elected them for a reason.  They said they would rob our fellow citizens and give us “our fair share”.   We don’t have a right to other people’s money, but we don’t mind when the government steals from our neighbor.  We loved the lie.

We did that.

Today, government is larger than ever.  It regulates us more and takes more of what we earn than ever before in our history.  We condemn the politicians for rewarding their friends, but not for rewarding ours.  We condemn them for stealing too much or slightly too little.

We did that.

Senior politicians are now above the law as they sell favors.  Yes, I mean what I said; there is no law in the United States.  There are simply those with the power to take, and those who have something worth taking.

We did that, and we can stop it.

It is past time we did.

I don’t trust a politician who promises me more.

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  1. KUETSA permalink
    November 7, 2016 10:41 pm

    Yea . . . well . . . from what I see most people don’t have a clue about what is really at stake from the result of this election. Trump said bad things about women, I’m with her. So Soros and his globalists along with UN “international law” could take down America and turn us into the next “EuroSocialist multicultural paradise”. Whaaaat?
    As Obama says – Americans should be willing to give up some freedoms to be more in line with international law.
    It’s those guys in the “blue helmets” that enforce international law isn’t it?
    I wonder what international law has to say about mail-ordering an AR15?


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