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Keeping Kids Safe in a Broken World.. by Laura Carno

August 4, 2016

Laura Carno

My friend Laura Carno interviewed students at an advanced class for first responders in schools.  The class is called FASTER.  The class and the people made quite an impression on her.  Give Laura a read.  It will make an impression on you too.

Children are being murdered in their schools while politicians trade talking points and campaign promises about school safety. Our children are neither partisans nor political chess pieces. What can we do to keep our children safe while politicians jockey for position in back rooms?  I  met some heroes who found a solution that saves lives. Here is what they found.


Some politicians argue against armed staff in schools.  FASTER has thousands of person-years worth of experience.  There is no politician who has studied emergency response in schools like FASTER has. 

Politicians promote the fantasy that guns should never be allowed in schools. But those same politicians need to face the reality that disturbed or evil people do bring guns in to our schools. The news shows us what happens when we leave schools unarmed.

Experts have shown us what will actually work to save lives.  Let politicians issue their press releases over gun control, mental health, and gun-free zones. In the meantime, kids are dying.  Let’s do something that actually make kids safer today.

One teacher said, “We live in a broken world.  Hoping that killers won’t go on rampages doesn’t stop them. Only a competent, trained, armed defender can deal with the reality that bad people are out there in our broken world. It’s my job to stop them.”

It is our job too.

See what I mean!  The rest of Laura’s article is here.

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