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Black Lives Don’t Matter.. to Socialists

July 22, 2016

Black lives don’t matter to Socialists.  Black votes don’t matter either.  That can change.

Black lives don’t matter to Socialist Politicians.  If you don’t believe me, then count the dead in Oakland, in Compton, and in Chicago.  Count the black people killed in East St. Louis, Detroit, Memphis, Camden, Baltimore, Birmingham, Atlanta and DC.  A Socialist politician can’t afford to care for black lives while the politician is busy raising taxes to pay off his political supporters.  A Socialist politician can’t care for black lives while he destroys jobs, breaks up black families, delivers low quality education, and use law enforcement as a means to raise revenue for the city.  Sure Socialist politicians say they care, but talk is cheap, and I’m describing what Socialist Politicians really do.

con game on the poor

Black votes don’t matter in the eyes of socialist politicians.   The reason is simple.  Black people will predominantly vote for socialists no matter how the socialist politicians treat blacks.  Only swing votes matter to politicians, and politicians of both parties can take the black vote for granted.

The black vote counts less and less each election.  The black vote literally shrinks as more black babies are aborted.  I wish it wasn’t so.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Black lives don’t matter to Socialist voters.  Socialist voters say they care, but our violent cities are run by Socialists politicians and have been for a long time. White socialists believe the politicians because it eases their guilty consciences.  These voters put their fantasy ideology before actually helping real people.  They love their virtue-signaling: voting for things that make them feel good about themselves but don’t help real people in the real world.  We’ve seen Socialism fail in city after city, in state after state, and in nation after nation.  It is sad that so many blacks and whites want more government and less freedom.  I wish it wasn’t so.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Black lives don’t matter to the mainstream media.  Shocking headlines matter to the media.  Selective outrage matters.  Political posturing counts for the media.  Feeding the socialist narrative is essential, and contrary facts are ignored.  The Main Stream Media breathlessly reports for days about a black man shot by a policeman.  But that same Media ignores a hundred black people shot by black thugs or gangs in our Socialist controlled cities every weekend.  I wish it wasn’t so. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I want all this to change because I believe black lives do matter.  Americans voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to see people lifted out of poverty, and they thought he might do something about it.  Americans voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to see equal opportunity.  Americans voted for Barack Obama because they wanted racial justice.  Has he delivered any of those things?

To lift people out of poverty, we have to understand where wealth comes from.  It doesn’t come from community organizing.  Equal opportunity means expanding opportunities so a small family can start a business and create wealth.  Equal opportunity doesn’t mean transgender bathrooms and free condoms.   Justice doesn’t come from protecting black criminals while destroying the black family.

Change is both simple and hard. If black lives really matter to you, be willing to leave the political tribes that perpetuate the political status quo.  Staying on the Socialist plantation doesn’t cut it any more.  It starts with you.

The black community needs new friends and new political alliances.  I’m not saying blacks should all become Republicans, because the Republican Elites have problems of their own.  I’m saying, talk to me, talk to us, your neighbors. I’ll meet you half way.  I bet other white people will too.

The politicians of both parties will simply take you for granted.

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  1. KUETSA permalink
    July 23, 2016 12:00 am

    These deaths serve a VERY IMPORTANT PURPOSE!
    We are barraged by gun death and shooting statistics constantly in the “DISCUSSION” of gun control!
    Take these inner city shooting deaths and woundingS out of the statistics, and America, for all its guns, IS THE SAFEST COUNTRY!
    These inner city drug gang shootings with illegal guns are generating the statistics that are being used to disarm US, LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS!


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