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Repost- Top Gun Stats Liberals Don’t Want You to Know

June 16, 2016

Liberals propose more gun control that has failed time after time.  The goal is never to reduce crime, but to disarm honest gun owners.  Read the latest from AWR Hawkins.


Their gun control proposals have already been proven practical failures. Moreover, proponents of more gun control are glossing over facts and evidence that undermine claims about the AR-15 and other firearms, as well as facts and evidence regarding the manner in which guns are primarily used. Here are the top statistics that liberals don’t want you to know:

Source: Top Gun Stats Liberals Don’t Want You to Know

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  1. June 16, 2016 8:31 pm

    I read the article. It doesn’t make any sense.
    More Children Under 10 Killed By Fire, Drowning Than Accidental Gun Deaths – Any death is bad. Fire and drowning are neglectful and accidental, who knows what combination. Kids swim, and kids play with fire. If a kid dies by a handgun accident, that gun should never have been near them in the first place, it is a controllable variable.

    More People Killed With Clubs, Hammers Than Rifles – We need hammers to build homes. Not sure when I last saw a house shot into completion…

    Seriously? Guns are dangerous. The more abundant they are, the more likely they are to be used. It’s that simple. Ban them. But of course that’s never going to happen. There could be a school shooting a week until the end of days, but fact is gun and ammo makers are some of the wealthiest companies in the world. Money over lives. Sad and sickening really.


  2. June 18, 2016 3:36 pm

    Lion, you have not been paying attention. Thousands of lives are saved in self defense for each one lost to firearms. Your double standard is showing. Please ask clearer questions and make fewer statements out of context.


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