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Self-Defense Gun Stories- a little side project might work out after all

May 13, 2016

I write.  I’ll leave it to others to make videos and post pictures of food.  Some people write about the subjects they’ve mastered.  I write about the things that move me and make me think.   A polite way of saying that is I’m writing about compelling inquiry.  You could also say I’m bringing you passionate ignorance.

I always wondered how people forget the obvious.

Some people want to legislate away the human right of self-defense.  They can’t do that until gun owners are vilified.  They must have forgotten the many examples where honest civilians saved lives.  I created a podcast that publicizes those events.  I’ll remind them.. and you.. that honest civilians save lives.


I had help.  I have 8 firearms instructors with me.  They share their insights as I report the news.  These instructors bring something special.  They have the heart of a teacher.  They see the things that ordinary civilians did right.. and things they might improve.  Like a good teacher, these instructors make self-defense seem simple and accessible.  They inspire me.

We started this enterprise a few months ago.  We are now on episode 13, with a new episode each week.  We have a rhythm down.  We know what to expect from each other.  That makes each episode easier for me to write, record, edit and publicize.  This adventure might work out after all.  May you be so lucky.

Hmm.  That makes me wonder…

sdgs w

sdgs m


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