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Muslims don’t care what President Obama Thinks

April 27, 2016

BO at mosquePresident Barack Obama said Islam is peaceful.  President Obama said Islam is a friend to the United States and an essential part of ‘who we are’.  Barack said terrorists aren’t really muslims.   That isn’t what muslims say.

Most muslims think that the terrorists who attacked the United States, Europe, and North Africa were muslims.
Almost all imams think the terrorists were muslims.
All the Wahhabi imams who advocate jihad think the terrorists were muslims.
Wealthy Saudis who fund the Wahhabi imams and their mosques who preach jihad all around the world think the terrorists were muslims.
The people who are attracted to Islam precisely because Islam tells them to kill other people, those recruits think the terrorist were muslims.

Look it up for yourself.

The only people who care what Barack Obama thinks about Islam are a few western journalists .. and I stopped listening to the mainstream media a long time ago.  I don’t care what they say.

Do you?

(Canadian tourist is beheaded by Muslim terrorists in the Philippines )

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