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Range Report on the Next Level SIRT pistol

March 17, 2016

SIRT pistol

I want to be safe, fast and accurate with a firearm.  To get there, I need to practice away from a shooting range.  “Dry practice” is a firearm training exercise where you manipulate the gun with no ammunition in either the gun or in the room.  In fact, I practice without a firearm at all.  I added a SIRT pistol to my dry practice schedule.  The SIRT training pistol is shaped like a Glock and acts like a laser pointer activated by the pistol trigger.  I found it to be a useful tool for both new students and experienced shooters.  I train with a friend, and it feels like we are discovering new ways to use this laser pistol each week.

For example, one of my friends had a terrible flinch.  My friend thinks he is holding a steady point of aim but the webcamera catches his shot diving for the floor as he presses the trigger.  Now I train with him using the SIRT pistol and we invented an anti-flinch exercise.  On the SIRT pistol, we turned on the red laser that comes on as soon as you touch the trigger.  Then we had him slowly point-shoot without using the sights at all.  He could see where he was aiming by watching the red dot on the wall.  That “see as you press” exercise ironed out his flinch.

On another day, we had to accelerate the training schedule for a new student.  We put her on the SIRT pistol and had her moving by the second hour of training.  We never taught her to present from a holster to a target while standing still.  We didn’t want to form a deep training scar of keeping her feet still as she drew the firearm.  One-on-one training and the SIRT pistol let us do that.

I used a webcam to record our training.  Using the entryway mirror common to many houses, we worked through 360 degree scenarios.. in someone’s living room with a laser pistol.  You can’t do that at most shooting ranges. We’ve used the SIRT pistol for close quarters training where you have to push someone away from you.

I come back from each class or competition with a new list of my mistakes.  Now I turn to the laser pistol to fix those weaknesses.

I am not a professional trainer. I’m only a basic pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor. To me, it feels like we are re-writing the instruction manual each week as we invent new training exercises using a laser pistol.  I am impressed by this new tool in our training toolbox.  I think the laser pistol will do for firearms what low cost simulators did for flight instruction.

I’d love to hear how other people are using these tools.

I have no connection to the company.  I liked what their product lets me do.


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  1. March 21, 2016 6:33 pm

    Though I can get cost via, what did you pay? Weight? Is it about that of a loaded Glock? Trigger reset? Is it like a Glock? I got a knock off Glock air soft before Glock stopped them from coming in. It is a good tool for practice, I have been looking at laser trainers to substitute or enhance the air soft one.


    • March 21, 2016 8:03 pm

      The weight is similar to a real firearm. The magazine is weighted as well. I use the webcam target recorder to measure my reload times between shots. The trigger is similar to a Glock, but not identical.


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