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How to Destroy the United States.. and Save It

March 3, 2016


These United States are fragile despite their great strength.  This is one way we’ve broken them, and how we can fix them.  The pain of our countrymen is real.

Politicians Promise Everything- Politicians get elected by promising special treatment for a few, rather than governing for the majority.  That is why politicians design programs that help a few people at a time.  Those few people owe everything to the politician.  Those special interests need the government, and that produces dependable campaign contributions.  Large ones.  Politicians say we need to regulate food, so farmers donate.  Politicians say we need a living wage, so unions donate to politicians.  We forget that we’ve fed ourselves and earned money long before there were government regulations.  I know you’re skeptical, but it is true.

Regulate Everything-  The easiest way for the politician to control an industry is to regulate it.  Politicians regulate medicine, so doctors, drug companies and insurance companies make huge political donations.  Every business, large or small, is in violation of some guideline given the million pages of contradictory government regulations.  Today, America spends more resources following government regulations than any other country.


Donate or Die- Companies have to “donate” in order to do business.  The government turns a regulatory blind eye to its friends and strictly prosecutes its enemies.  Only the politically favored companies are allowed to operate.

Real People Suffer-  We’ve regulated industry so unemployment soars.  Addiction increases among the unemployed.  We see families break up when they are forced onto public assistance.  We see children suffer in every way when they grow up in a broken home.  Criminal gangs take over as both parent and employer.

Crime is the final symptom, but not the cause of decay.  You can’t get “tough on crime” and cure a city’s ills.


Faced with this failure, the corrupt politician prescribes more of the same.  The politician searches for new groups of desperate and dependent people who will vote him into office.  Time and again, politicians will tell us that they have the answers.

Been there.  Heard  that.  Don’t believe it any longer.  Government isn’t the solution.  Government is the problem.  We are the solution.  

We are the solution to this broken system-  People solve problems.  We do it every day.  We do it in inventive and creative ways that distant politicians can’t imagine.  Knowing we are so creative makes me skeptical when I see the many human needs that remain unsatisfied.  Every time I look deeply, I find that there is a government regulation standing between needy people and a solution.  We know how to make jobs, and homes and medical care.  Politicians regulated us into a new problem.. again.  Our government creates more problems that it solves.  Today, our job is to get government out of the way.

The politician want you to think you’re helpless; that you need him.  In truth, he is the one who needs you.  Please remember how really powerful you are.

This is not a precise policy prescription that cures a hundred years of political abuse.  I’m not that smart.  Instead, I described a direction.  It tells us which way to head.  The pace is up to us.

2016 is the political season.  Candidates make huge claims.  Please listen to them and ask which candidate will get government out of our way.

This one’s for you, Gary.

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  1. March 3, 2016 4:26 pm

    I am inspired by this article, Rob! Maybe slightly off the main focus of your article, but where my mind went as I read was this: Yesterday we attended a small business conference and I was energized to be in an auditorium filled with eager and motivated people who are buzzing with potential and a “Can-Do”, or rather “WILL-DO” spirit! Not one of them said…”if only there was a Gov’t program to help me get started with my idea”. These people were going to make “IT” happen in spite of government programs, interference, and bureaucracy! Naturally, my favorite speaker was Dave Ramsey, the Get-Out-Of Debt guru, and he spoke about two landscapers working in the exact same neighborhood…one was filing bankruptcy while the other was having the best season of his career. The difference between the two…? You spelled much of it out here in this insightful article! Thanks, Rob…your articles always make a difference to my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • March 3, 2016 4:33 pm

      Dave Ramsey inspires us to be extraordinary. I agree with Dave, but also want to make it easier for the ordinary guy to succeed.

      Same river. Different stream.


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