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A Taste of Mortality by Skip Coryell

January 4, 2016

Why are so many people getting trained and armed despite the anti-gun lobbies best efforts? Here is Skip’s take on it.- RM

1 January 2015-

Why are Americans buying guns at a record rate? That question must be driving Barack Obama out of his megalomaniacal mind right now. To me the answer is simple, but to someone who doesn’t understand the human psyche and Americans in particular, it must be very frustrating.

Have you noticed that after each and every mass shooting, the media and the anti-gun politicians try to exploit it by advocating more gun control? To me it sounds something like this: “You see, children, this is what happens when you play with guns!” I feel talked down to, patronized and disrespected. I feel like saying “Screw you. I’ll give up my guns when you give up your armed body guards!”

In the concealed carry classes that I teach, more and more of my students have never touched a firearm in their lives, but still … they keep coming, wave after wave of brand spanking new gun owners. I’ve heard rumors that Michael Bloomberg now grinds his teeth in his sleep and will soon be on a steady diet of porridge and other easy to chew foods. I’m okay with that.

But here’s the deal. People have been force-fed a steady diet of political correctness for 8 years now, and we’re starting to see the folly of it. All good people want others to think well of them; that’s how political correctness gets its power. We don’t want to be called racists, bigoted homophobes. And the vast majority of us are not those things. We’re good people, and we just want to work hard, come home and raise our families with the most integrity we can. So when the powers that be tell us good people don’t like guns, then we’re tempted to hop on board the insanity train just to protect our reputations and to feel like good people. This tactic will only work until something more important comes along.

You see, the problem with political correctness is it violates natural law, and natural law will always reign supreme because the consequences are immediate, unyielding and severe. Here’s a news flash for the anti-gunners. Natural law says that some people are bad, maybe even downright evil. Those bad people can kill a lot of good people. Good will not always prevail. Good prevails only when it is strong, determined and brave. Evil exists. Some day evil will visit you. When it does – will you be ready?

If you don’t have a gun and the proper training and warrior mindset, you are not likely to prevail. You are likely to die. Most people instinctively know that evil can kill them if they’re not prepared to kill it first. But our society is cloaked in a thin veneer of civility, a veneer that is being rapidly stripped away. Each time a crazy person starts shooting in a school – a little civility is sanded away. Every time an Islamic terrorist shouts “Allau Akbar” and begins shooting – civility loses ground. When evil crosses the border unchecked in ever-growing numbers, then rapes and kills our women – civility takes another hit. The veneer is almost gone now, revealing whatever is below the surface. Are you solid oak? Or are you cheap, useless particle board, artificially made of sawdust, weak and yielding.

The solid people in our society are getting guns and getting trained. They’ve had their fill of political correctness. After all, feeling good about yourself is only of value if you’re still alive. People look at the world and see a dangerous place. Good people, solid people, they don’t want to die; they don’t want to look on helplessly while the ones they love are tortured and killed. That’s a pretty damn good reason to get a gun.

Self-preservation will always trump political correctness. The anti-gunners don’t understand that, because they will always be protected by their bodyguards and gated communities. So let them scream for more gun control. Let Obama issue his Executive Orders. But here’s the rub – the government can’t kill all of us. And that’s what they’d have to do.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and he said something very profound. He was discoursing with a politician who was advocating more gun control. My friend looked him square in the eye and said. “Listen, friend, I’m willing to die for what I believe in – are you?”

Most anti-gunners are not willing to die for their beliefs; they are cowards, seeking only to take away all our guns so we’re all equally helpless in the face of evil. I say to hell with that, and that’s why I’m going to teach as many people as I can how to carry guns safely and responsibly. My job is to teach good people how to stop evil when faced with a deadly threat.

Good people want others to think well of them. But, a good reputation is worthless to a dead man. A tiny taste of mortality can go a long way in waking up an entire society to the God-given laws of nature.

When faced with the choice of a good reputation or survival – the only sane choice is to fire at center of exposed mass until the threat stops. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose between the two. More and more people are rejecting the false choice thrust upon us by the media and politicians.

Bottom line – “Deep in my heart of hearts – I know the truth. I can carry a gun and still be a good person.”
Forget about my reputation – I want to live!skip coryell

Skip Coryell is an author, publisher and firearms instructor.

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