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Congratulations to These Women Shooters and Their Blogs

December 25, 2015

I co-host the Polite Society Podcast.. where we support and report on civilian self-defense.  We’ve had a number of great guests.  The National Rifle Association recently recognized 8 of the top women bloggers who shoot.  Many of them are familiar names.  We already had three of them on the podcast.   Please join me in congratulating these women for their blogs.

Natalie Foster writes at A Girl’s Guide to Guns.  Natalie was an NRA video commentator, and I hope she will be again.  She also has her own jewelry line.  Natalie co-hosted this episode with us.natalie foster nra com


Melody Lauer wrote at Limatunes Range Diaries, but recently started   Melody also posts reviews and training tips at her YouTube channel.  Our most recent interview with Melody was on this episode.Melody Lauer


Anette Wachter writes at the 30Cal Gal.   Anette has her own jewelry line besides being a long distance and 3-gun competitor.  We had Anette on the podcast several times.  Her most recent interview is here.

Anette Wachter 30 cal gal


Their blogs are worth your time and attention.  Please drop them a comment.  Slowfacts will be here when you return.


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