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They Stand with the Terrorists

November 17, 2015

False Flag

As I watched the news, I saw a lot of sympathy thrown at France after the terrorist attacks.  I don’t believe the newscasters wearing their long faces.  I see too many people who say one thing when there is fresh blood on the floor, but who really side with the jihadis the rest of the time.  Whose side are you on?

-You’re for the terrorists if you repeat the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.  Islam is a fundamentalist religion of conquest.  It has bloody borders all around the world.  I’m sorry if that fact bursts your happy rainbow view of the world.

-You are for the terrorists if you said jihad is caused by man made global warming.

-You are for the jihadis if you think the US should welcome muslim immigrants, but reject christian immigrants.

-Jihadis are funded by national governments.  It shouldn’t surprise you that supporting those governments also supports the jihadis.  I am referring to governments like Iran and Saudi Arabia.  I’m sorry if that interrupts your previously scheduled handouts coming from American politicians.

-You’re for the jihadis if you say that fundamentalist Iran has the same values as the United States.  Iran might have the same values as President Obama, but that is not the same thing as having the same values as the American people.

-You’re for the jihadis if you’re against every activity that ensures our physical security here in the United States.  You can’t hate jihadis if you also hate the border patrol, hate immigration control, hate the police and hate armed self-defense.  All borders matter, just like all lives.

-You are for the jihadis when you ignore the war on western governments by Islam.  Sorry, but they have declared war on us. It is that simple.  No one ever said liberty was cheap or convenient.

-You’re for the terrorists if you want a weak US military.  Jihadis want us dead because our government does not dictate we follow sharia and islam here in the US.  The jihadis and their supporters need to die until they see the futility of this war.  The US military is the best tool for the job.

Let us be clear, most of the people we see in the news are actually for the jihadis.  They mouth sympathetic apologies after showing French massacres but they do nothing to stop murdering Muslim jihadis.  These political apologists are not for France or the free world.  They are for themselves.

Meanwhile, President Obama is busy studying the situation to be sure who could be behind the attacks in France.

You and I know that elections have consequences.. like the repeated murders of western christians by jihadi terrorists.

A tip of the hat to Dr Michael Hurd


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  1. KUETSA permalink
    November 17, 2015 6:58 pm

    It sounds like you are just not “down” with Obama’s “WAR ON REALITY”!


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