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Another Brave Man Disarmed in Gun-Free Zone

October 2, 2015

Chris Mintz

Chris Mintz is the brave army veteran who charged the Oregon college murderer yesterday.   Chris was unarmed.  He would have been expelled from school if he’d carried on campus.  The administrators at Umpqua Community College barred students and staff from carrying their licensed firearms even if they have a permit.  They disarmed the honest citizens like Chris.  They did not disarm the murderer.

The college provided no physical security on the campus to ensure the safety of their disarmed students.  None.  There were neither security gates nor armed security guards patrolling the campus.

Oregon already has mandatory firearm registration.  The murderer was a legal gun owner.  Those gun laws failed to stop the murderer, but they stopped Chris from carrying on campus.  Firearms prohibition passed by the Oregon legislature is dangerous.  It made students more vulnerable, not less.  Shame on the Oregon voters.  You did this.

Thank you, Chris Mintz, for moving toward the gunfire.

school gfz


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