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On-air with Mark Walter’s Armed American Radio

September 30, 2015

AARI had the pleasure of sitting in with Mark Walters last Sunday on Armed American Radio.  We were both in Phoenix for the Gun Rights Policy Conference, and Mark broadcast his show from a conference room in the hotel.  I also got to sit next to Dave Workman as Mark did his recording.  You can imagine there are quite a few comments whispered off air.  Mark delivered the show with a straight face despite our clowning around behind the scenes.

I was on during the second hour and Dave Workman was on for the third hour.  It was an easy conversation after coming from that great conference and recording face to face.  We interviewed AWR Hawkings from Breitbart News.  AWR was given the journalist of the year award at the conference.  Mark Walters was awarded the gun rights defender of the year award.  Both awards are well deserved.  The links to that show are here.

Mark and I also talked last Wednesday on his weekday show.  Give Mark a listen.


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