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Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Heaven Runs Out of Food

September 5, 2015

sanders runs the world

The democrat party in the US turned to communism to stay in power.  That was obvious during the Occupy movement.  It is also clear that most of the Occupy protests were a paid and staged media event.  The left-leaning media wanted to persuade the american voters that the world wasn’t fair because someone somewhere was rich.  The media succeeded.  We in the United States now think we deserve something for nothing.  All we have to do is vote for the politician who promises us the most.

Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders says we have a right to free schooling, free housing, free food, and a much higher minimum wage (if you even want to bother with a job.)  Sanders’ proposals also include a much larger government to suppress the inevitable dissent to government control.

I hear what the Big Government politicians promise and I see what happens when their proposals are really put into practice.  We don’t have to guess what will happen here in the United States.  We have a giant experiment going on in the real world.  The real world is where governments actually run out of the money we’ve already saved.  The real world is where we won’t work when government takes everything we earn.  We can look at the latest communist utopia of Venezuela and at the Democrat controlled states in the US to see what will happen here.

Venezuela was once an oil-producing giant with some of the largest known oil reserves in the world.  The Chavez government seized the oil wells ten years ago.  The politicians took the oil “for the people”.   Now, Venezuela imports oil.

Venezuela once did a fairly good job of feeding its people.. until the government nationalized farms.  Again, the politicians may claim this is “for the people”, but in reality, the government bureaucracy exists to produce political payoffs to government supporters.

Domestic food production fell sharply.  In Venezuela, agricultural imports increase by 225 percent from 2006 to 2012.  The Venezuelan economy became so poor that imports crashed after that.  Food lines grew ever longer and shelves emptied.  The Venezuelan economy tumbled and total imports increased six-fold from 2003 to 2013. Bare shelves in VE There are now food riots and looting as Venezuelans are desperately hungry.

The Venezuelan politicians tried anything to hide their failure.  The politicians seized the markets until the shelves were bare.  Once the stores were empty, the politicians looted the wholesale food distribution centers.  Today the Venezuelan politicians say that farmers must sell to the government and that farmers can’t keep food for themselves.  Venezuelan politicians will turn around and blame the farmers after the politicians sell the seeds needed to plant the next harvest.

Problems go beyond food and fuel.  Electricity is only available a few hours a day.  The rate of malaria has doubled in the last year.  This political pattern is familiar and you should be able to guess what happens next.

Venezuelan politicians bought political support by printing money and giving it to their political friends.  The Bolivar is now worth a third of a cent.  Soon, the political elites in Venezuela will stop trading in money and only settle for political payoffs in hard assets.

VE riots

We’ve seen the collapse of communist countries around the world many times.  Democrats in the United States want us to follow their example.  Communism works.. for the politicians.  Human character is the same everywhere.  Our politicians will promise anything to get elected.  Some of us will believe their promises.

Our local politicians are already trying communism-lite.  The left-liberal Seattle City Council passed a 15 dollar minimum wage.  Restaurant jobs immediately fell in Seattle and grew outside the city.  The same thing happened in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Jobs left the city and so did the people who hold them.

We’ve seen the same thing happen on a state-wide scale.  Millions of US citizens fled New Jersey and California over the last several years.  The working class moves to business-friendly states in search of jobs.  The rich move to states with lower taxes.  The only growth in California is in illegal immigrants.  Half of them receive state aid.

The expected results are obvious.  California faces a massive debt and the state’s healthcare system is crumbling.

California is not the only state with a shaky economy.  In Illinois, the state budget is so precarious that bureaucrats stopped paying the Illinois lottery winners.

Here in the US, these Democrat controlled states are a model that candidate Bernie Sanders wants us to duplicate on a national level.  The other Democrat candidates for president agree with him.  I don’t.



Our politicians in Washington, D.C. can’t manage the vastly smaller and simpler Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  The Obama Administration has put a record number of us out of work.  They are incapable of running a national economy.

To be fair, no one can run our economy.  No one should.  The politicians are simply after power.  Equality is the latest excuse.


An earlier version of this article is up at Clash Daily by Doug Giles

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