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Kim Davis Uproar Shows How Lawlessness Is Only Okay When Liberals Do It

September 4, 2015

So let me understand this.  Democrat San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom broke the law and forced city clerks to issue gay marriage certificates.  The media cheered.  Note that same-sex couples could already form civil unions, and Newsom was not asked to resign because he disagreed with the law.  Years later, the US Supreme Court would redefine marriage.  Five judges overturned the clear mandates from voters across the country defining marriage.

Today, a democrat county clerk refuses to obey the new supreme court ruling.  Note the hypocrisy of so called liberal thinkers who demand her resignation while they ignored Newsom’s violation of the law.

I expected integrity.  I’m disappointed.

Source: Kim Davis Uproar Shows How Lawlessness Is Only Okay When Liberals Do It

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  1. September 4, 2015 5:14 am

    Kim’s big mistake was when she ordered her subordinates to disobey the law. As a Christian I can understand her point, but as an RCA (Rational Conservative American) I have to point out to Kim that her ordering her deputy clerks to not issue licenses is overreach as putrid and foul as that of the Supreme Court that started this circus


    • September 4, 2015 5:34 am

      Hi, WAC.
      I tried to be clear. Are you aware you made my point? Kim Davis’s actions were the same as Newsom’s.


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