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California Corruption Hides Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts

August 1, 2015

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One of California’s corrupt judges is going after the Center for Medical Progress. You know the CMP. They are the young pro-life organization that caught Planned Parenthood officials on video selling aborted babies.

But I’m not surprised given California’s history. Today, California is the state where several state senators remain in office even while they are being prosecuted for serious crimes. Back in 2009, California prosecuted James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles for exposing corruption in the ACORN organization (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.) Back then, Attorney General Jerry Brown, now Governor Jerry Brown, NEVER prosecuted ACORN for its shady activities. Brown went after the journalists instead.  ACORN wasn’t prosecuted for its dishonest schemes because it was too useful for Democrat politicians.  And the liberal media looked the other way.

Prosecuting investigative journalists worked back then, and it works today. Investigative journalists are an endangered species here in California. The carefully domesticated Main Stream journalists think they are bold as they read a prepared press release handed out by a politician’s press secretary.

That is why I’m not surprised that California prosecutors are going after the Center for Medical Progress. Politicians and prosecutors want to stop those damning videos of Planned Parenthood executives. California politicians are in bed with Planned Parenthood.  Their corrupt political scheme, the fruits of their illegitimate union, works like this-

Planned Parenthood provides free or low cost birth control to young women.  Birth control pills are only 52 percent effective for young poor sexually active women.  Planned Parenthood gets government funding to abort the many babies that result from failed contraception.  Planned Parenthood is paid again as they sell the aborted children.  Politicians, predominately Democrat politicians, also receive extensive campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood spent 12 million dollars in support of President Obama’s election, and 14 million dollars in the 2014 elections.  Today, Democrat politicians and the prosecutors they control have to keep the campaign contributions flowing.

That is the real reason the Los Angeles Superior Court acted swiftly and issued a restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress.  The order forbids Medical Progress from releasing any more videos showing Planned Parenthood selling and StemExpress buying baby parts.  Yes, the judge, Judge William H. Orrick, III, was appointed to the bench by Barack Obama.  Of course the judge bundled over 230 thousand dollars in campaign donations for Obama.  Judge Orrick III donated $30,800 of his own money to Obama’s campaign committees before he was appointed to the bench.  The reason the judge issued the restraining order is easy to understand.

Nothing comes between a politician and his campaign contributions.


If I were the Center for Medical Progress, I’d make sure that the videos were carefully stored on several private servers.  I’d use data servers like the ones used by the Federal Office of Personnel Management to store personnel records, the type of servers used by Hillary Clinton to store her personal e-mail accounts.  Yeah.

It would sure be a shame if those servers were hacked and the video’s leaked to the press.  I guess those things happen.  After the unexpected hack, the Center for Medial Progress can say “What difference at this point does it make.”

Back to the issue of corruption.  This is exactly what I expect from a community organizer from Chicago and political hacks from California.  Elections have consequences.



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