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While Obama Looks the Other Way..Citizens and Governors Defend Military

July 19, 2015

VA protect our troops

Another of our military members has died.  That makes five people who were murdered by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  By orders of their superiors, these sailors and marines were disarmed when they were attacked.

Americans acted.  I wrote about citizens defending military offices in Georgia.  Today there are more citizens doing the same thing.  Some are in Virginia.  (a second report on the same person)  More citizens are protecting our military in Ohio where they are joined by off duty sheriffs officers and Ohio Carry.

These state governors took steps for an armed defense at the recruiting offices and military bases in their state.  Some used law enforcement and other governors used the national guard; Texas Governor Abbott, Louisiana Governor Jindal, Oklahoma Governor Fallin, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Meanwhile, President Obama has said that the military will remain disarmed.  His solution is for solders to stay out of uniform and put blinds across the windows.

The liberal media can’t bear to say this was an act of war. They are still pondering causes.. like if this was simply another example of “workplace violence”.  Snort.

I’d hate to be a competent law enforcement officer who had to ignore the planned attacks that come out of mosques.  Sure, citizens and law enforcement can see something and say something.. as long as they accuse a straight white christian man and not a member of the new protected classes.

These are the consequences we told you about when you voted for a community organizer from Chicago.


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