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Green Stripe and the Charleston Massacre

June 30, 2015

My friend at the Armoured Porcupine wrote an article about firearms background checks.  Some states wave the requirement for a background check if you have a concealed carry permit.  A. P. asks what would happen if that was the rule rather than the exception-

Green Stripe and the Charleston Massacre

I’ve been advancing an idea for a universal background check system used in firearms transfers. This is a system that could not be used as a defacto gun, or gun owner registration scheme. That alone means that Bloomberg’s minions don’t like it. This concept could be used in private and commercial firearms sales without having to involve a federal firearms licensee. It doesn’t need an internet connection or a smart phone. Even the average Joe can judge if the prospective buyer is legal, or a prohibited person. The system is as simple as a colored stripe on the driver’s license or non-driver’s ID.

Green= GO!, Yellow= SLOW DOWN. No stripe means the person has to use the federal background check system through a gun shop.

Read it all here.



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