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Correcting a President in Hollywood

June 21, 2015

obama hollywood
President Obama said that in order to stop violent attacks we have to turn the legally armed United States into the disarmed AME church.  I am impressed.  It takes a heck of a speech writer to pull off that claim without sounding like an idiot.  Then again, the speech was not written for a critical audience, but for a gullible mainstream media to swallow without question.

As a public service, let me point out that President Obama also lied about gun laws when he spoke at his two Hollywood fundraisers.  I doubt the glitterati caught the president’s mistakes.  I hate to be the one to dash their hopes after the Hollywood set heard about a firearms purchase loophole that would allow them legally buy a gun.  Here is a sobering pro-tip before they try it themselves-

Every law that applies outside a gun show also applies inside a gun show.  You can not buy a gun at a gun show without passing a background check.

That means all of your prior drug arrests still make you a prohibited person.  Lying on your ATF form 4473 is a federal felony.  Don’t do it.. even if Barack said you could.

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  1. jim smith permalink
    June 23, 2015 6:46 am

    I have seen a few private sellers at gun shows walking around with individual firearms for sale but you are correct in that most vendors are FFL’s who are required to run a federal or state (if the state opts to be an NICS POC) background check. One reason for this is that thanks to the Clinton administration, you can’t get an FFL if you don’t have a storefront and want to sell guns at only at gun shows. This was an attempt to close down small time “kitchen table sellers” and all it probably did was drive the activity underground. (See question 18a on ATF form 5310 FFL application at


    • June 23, 2015 8:41 am

      The same laws apply inside and out. You can set up a private sale, but probably need to complete it at an FFL.


      • ExNuke permalink
        June 23, 2015 12:46 pm

        Depends on your state laws. All of their calls for UBCs are lies and misdirection’s, They couldn’t care less about background checks they are only after a list of honest citizens, a pre-confiscation list. It wouldn’t work if they had it but in their fantasy world a few thousand Federal Agents could then collect 400.000.000 guns and THEY would be safe behind their armed bodyguards (THEY are important after all, you’re not).

        Consider that it is the BATFE that is forbidden to create a database of gun owners, no other department is mentioned. The FBI runs the NICS database and they are supposed to erase the checks but no one is bothering to find out if they actually do and we all know that Government departments would NEVER ignore things like the LAW.



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