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Dan Roberts criticized New editorial

June 11, 2015

New posted a rebuttal to their editorial.  Good for the editors.  That took courage.

My colleague, Dan Roberts, took the editors to task for their defense of New Jersey firearms restrictions and the political powers that restrict the right of self-defense.  I noticed the true believers in the comments section.  Some think gun prohibition almost works.. except they don’t have enough of it.

Me, I think New Jersey has some of the most violent cities in the US.  Three out of the top ten most murderous cities in the US are in New Jersey.    New Jersey also has the strictest firearms restrictions on honest citizens.  I’d say New Jersey has conducted the experiment for all to see.  Obviously some won’t recognize the results.

Doing the same thing time and again and expecting different results is insane magical thinking.  It is insane for the anti-rights advocates to think gun prohibition works.  It is equally crazy for us to expect the anti-rights advocates to change their minds when they see new evidence.



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