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Enough Government Already. Tell the Politicians to Stop!

May 30, 2015

Originally published at Clash Daily.

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I pointed out that politicians pass laws that don’t work.   We might live with ineffective politicians, but I ignored the government regulations that actually make things worse!   Look at our situation today.  We have massive unemployment with 44 percent of us unable to find a job.  So what do politicians do?  They take money away from people who want to hire workers!  Government regulations cost business up to two trillion dollars each year.   That doesn’t count business taxes.

Yes, President Obama, you built that.

There is a lot to learn when a politician says he’ll help you.  People want to work, yet the politicians demand they get licenses first.. licenses for jobs like braiding hair or arranging furniture.  Really?  We’re now using government bureaucrats and cops with guns to save us from unlicensed hair braiders and interior decorators.  Politicians would rather we were on welfare or in jail than have an unapproved job.

Stop with the stupid already!  The human cost of government is too high.  We need less government and more freedom.

The economy stinks, yet politics rolls on as usual.   The government has been busy buying votes with money it doesn’t have at the same time we’re killing jobs.  US debt doubled under Obama.  California cities are going broke.  Chicago and the Illinois are both selling junk bonds to pay government pensions.  You read that right.  We have politicians telling us how to run an international economy while they can’t balance their own accounts.

Thanks, but keep your bad advice to yourself.  There is one good thing about Illinois going bankrupt.  They might.. I say might.. have to stop spending and regulating.

Bankruptcy is an important lesson to learn.  That was supposed to be the strength of these United States.  We are an ongoing experiment where different cities and different states run their affairs in different ways.  For example, we’ve seen Illinois fail while, at the same time, we’ve seen Texas succeed.  I worry that President Obama will use the federal government to bail out his political cronies in the busted blue states like California, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut.  The President won’t admit his deep blue economic policies have failed.  I’m worried because we can’t afford to double down on stupid.  No country can afford that.

broken detroit

This is more than a story of budget numbers.  It is about more than money.  This is a lesson about government policies crushing people’s lives and leaving them poor and dependant.  People leave failing cities like Detroit and failing states like New Jersey, New York and Illinois.  They came looking for a better life, and they leave broken dreams behind them.  Most will never come back.


You and I get the message.  Not everyone does.  Politicians and the companies living off government regulations won’t change easily.. if at all.  That is why bankruptcy is so important.

Politicians buy votes with taxpayers’ money.  As that source of votes runs out, the politicians are flooding the country with illegal immigrants so they can buy their votes.  That works for the politicians who need voters dependant on the government.  Government welfare doesn’t work for the middle class voter or their children.  The scheme fails because sooner or later someone has to get a job and pay the bills.

We didn’t learn the lessons that Detroit could teach us.  We didn’t learn from Chicago and its vanishing middle class.  Maybe we will learn from Illinois going bust.  I hope so.  It is better to learn from small failures than from large ones.

I’ve talked with businessmen who struggled to save their businesses from bankruptcy.  They had to change the way they operated, and some couldn’t make the adjustment.  Contrast these businessmen with government schools and regulated utilities who struggle to please their political masters.. at any cost.  With billions spent on government schools, renewable energy, and government kickback schemes, we need to see states go broke to stop these failed ideas.  Political restructuring won’t be pretty.

Yes, government failure is ugly, but to ignore our failed politics will be worse.  I want people to have their government bonds turned to toilet paper and to loose their government pensions.  That is the only thing that will stop politicians from putting our children farther into debt as they chase short-term political payoffs.  That means we have to speak up and stop the crony bailouts.

I’m sorry that someone believed a lying politician.  I’m not being mean or vindictive.  I refuse to punish innocent people to soothe a political fool who voted for an unrealistic political promise.  That is the lesson the voters need to learn.

It is important to stop political stupidity before it spreads too far.  Political corruption swallows civilizations time after time  .. even today.  I don’t want it to happen here.

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  1. May 30, 2015 1:11 pm

    Remember the american revolution? Only 10%of the people wanted to break away from the royal family. the rest were to ignorant to know why this was necessary. And we have the same sitn today. Why? Because of willful ignorance. They don’t want to know their Constitution, they don’t want to about capitalist economics, they only want gov’t to take from others and give this theft to them. No civilization has ever survived this type of corruption and none will ever will.


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