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Weapons, Women, and the News Media

April 15, 2015

According to the main stream media, the hypocritical National Rifle Association disarmed its members during their annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.  I was there, and the media reports are false.  What I read about the convention doesn’t match what I saw on the ground.

Inaccurate reporting by the news media is by design rather than by accident.  The media doesn’t know gun owners.. and doesn’t care to know them.  Instead, the main stream media paints an unflattering image of gun owners tailored to fit the prejudices of their audience.. and their advertisers.  The media portrays gun owners as fat old ugly men.  In short, the advertising campaign says gun owners are both unattractive and dangerous.

ugly dangerous

Reality is far different, but it is easier for the anti-gun elites to fight the battle of appearances than the battle of ideas.  Make no mistake.  It is a battle for hearts and minds.  Hillary Clinton said,

“We cannot let a minority of people.. and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people..

hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

– Hillary Clinton June 2014


Hillary Clinton isn’t describing the gun owners I know, or the people I met at the NRA convention.  I saw men and women, young and old, urban and rural.. and all of them responsible gun owners.  To break the first stereotype, about a third of the convention attendees at the NRA meetup were women.  They were NRA members and instructors, as well as pro-rights journalists and bloggers.

Here are the faces of responsible gun owners; a picture the main stream media is afraid to show you. Here are some of our best competitors and educators.

Jessie Duff

Jessie Duff


Eva Shockey


Lena Miculek

Tatiana Whitlock

Tatiana Whitlock


Kathy Jackson

Anette Wachter

Anette Wachter

regis cropped

Regis Giles

Natalie Foster

Natalie Foster


Amber Kunau

I’ve spoken to most of these women.  They are intelligent and articulate advocates for armed self-defense.  So why haven’t you heard about them?  Why are they hidden by the main stream media?  These women don’t fit the story the media wants to tell about firearms owners in America.  For the media, selling images is easier than arguing the detailed policy implications of gun control.  It is easier to sell outrage than reasoned debate.

It is one thing to leave a bunch of ugly old men defenseless.  It is another thing for the gun grabbers to explain why they need to disarm the young woman next door.  The answer you get depends on how you frame the question.

What do you think?  Does the media speak for you and tell the truth about the firearms owners you know?

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