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Propaganda About Concealed Carry on Campus

March 30, 2015


Should legally armed men and women who peacefully carry their private firearms everywhere else the law allows.. be barred from college property?

That is a good question, but it isn’t the question that anti-rights advocates want to ask.  It isn’t even close.  The way you twist the question often determines the answer.

The anti-rights advocates want to phrase the question like this-

Should the pimply-faced delinquent who went off to college and got stoned the first time he was away from home.. be given a gun to play with at school?
Choose from the following-
___Yes (are you crazy, guess again)

That was my sample question.  Now that you know how the propaganda game is played, here is another bait-and-switch question to test you.

“Why shouldn’t we ban guns on campus?”

Do you see the hidden assumptions?  We don’t really keep guns off campus any more than we stop drugs, robbery, or rape on campus.  We only prohibit them.. as if drugs, robbery and sexual assault weren’t already against the law.

Now that I’ve sensitized you to the propaganda of false alternatives, listen carefully to the next gun-ban argument you hear and see if I exaggerated.  When you do, please keep these facts in mind.

-Licensed concealed carry holders are over 21 years old and have no criminal history.
-They carry almost everywhere else.  
-Concealed carry holders are less violent and more law abiding than the police.  
-The seven states which allow campus carry saw a drop in crime on campus.
Those are facts rather than hypothetical speculation.  Too bad the gun-ban groups forgot to mention them.

So I’m asking you, why do we want to disarm the truck driver who delivers to the college cafeteria.. or the mom who takes her child to the campus clinic?

Why will firearms prohibition on campus succeed where drug and alcohol prohibition failed?


You have 10 minutes to complete your answer.  Cite your sources from the materials covered in class.  😉






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  1. larryarnold permalink
    March 31, 2015 11:20 am

    [Why will firearms prohibition on campus succeed where drug and alcohol prohibition failed?]

    Because college campuses are populated by intelligent, hard-working young students diligently pursuing rigorous academic degrees that will prepare them to lead the United States through the rest of the 21st century.*

    * Well, that wasn’t exactly covered in THIS class. It’s a preview of what college administrators will tell the Legislature NEXT week in the college funding hearings.


    • March 31, 2015 11:59 am

      You’re right, Larry. Academics think they are above human foibles. We could write a book about professor’s personal failures to prove them wrong.


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