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What is it Like to Shoot an IDPA Stage?

March 11, 2015

This post was left in my draft folder where it aged for a year.  Hmm.  IDPA remains the same, so here is an aged post.

I had fun shooting IDPA this weekend.  IDPA is an association for amateur defensive handgun competition.  I scored better than I deserve.  The usual shooters who routinely beat me were not at this meet.

IDPA stage 4 medium

This is what it is like to shoot a stage.  This stage had 5 targets, with two shots required on each target.  You shot them in tactical sequence.  “Tactical sequence” is also called boarding house rules.  That means “everyone gets some before anyone gets more”.  Each target had to be shot once before any target could be shot a second time.

To make it interesting, there were six targets in front of you.  Each target wore a different color scarf.  After you loaded your weapon, you were told which color was your friend.  Listen to this audio file to hear what it was like to shoot this stage.

This shooter’s time was 7.6 seconds to draw and shoot 10 shots on 5 targets.  Both speed and accuracy are important.

Competition is where we measure the effectiveness of our training and our practice.  I hope that sounds interesting for you.


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