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Throwing Good Lives After Bad Politicians

March 8, 2015

President Obama sold our children into debt.  He did it as surely as if the children had taken student loans  and car payments.. except our children received no education and no car in return.  Today’s children have 56 thousand dollars of government debt at birth.  That is more than a years average income, and several years take home pay.  Our children will pay that debt with everything they buy.TaxCollector

Usually I can share the blame with Congress, but Barack spent a lot of this with his phone and his pen.  The real question is why.

Where was the money spent?  Yes, times are hard, but Obama made sure his crony political contributors got paid even though a record number of us are out of work.  Barack’s “shovel ready projects” were designed to shovel money to politically connected companies who siphoned some of the “free money” back to the politicians.

Don’t look surprised.  We voted a Chicago politician into office, and that is the Chicago way.

How long should that political bribery continue?  My last name isn’t Bush or Clinton, so I can’t think of a reason our children should pay taxes year after year so politicians can continue to buy donations with public money.  Why should our kids pay tomorrow for corrupt politicians from yesterday?  Our children should repudiate the public debt.  Come to think of it.. so should we.

The corrupt political scheme continues for this simple reason.  Most Americans are asleep and don’t monitor their government.  The present system of massive government spending and debt will continue as long as government bond holders can buy politicians.  Eventually, private stock holders will out-bid government bond holders.  Then the system will collapse and be rebuilt.

Of course, the holders of government bonds will not go easily into history.  The US government already forced US banks to buy government bonds.  That is why the banks now make such large political kickbacks to politicians.

Watch out for the day that the US government says the rest of us have to buy government bonds.  That is the day to move our money overseas.. if we still can.

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