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How to Lose a Presidential Election Before You Pick Your Candidate

March 6, 2015

diead rino

2016 could be a good year for the Republican party.  Simply look at what the Democrats have done.  The economy stinks.  The Democrats have been caught in a series of lies and scandals.. like cutting political deals in exchange for campaign donations.  The Dems are desperate.  They need to import 15 million illegal immigrants so they can win the next election through voter fraud.  This doesn’t look good for the Democrats..

.. or does it?  Don’t overestimate the ability of the stupid republican party.  Here is what the conservative voter thinks of republicans.

  • Republicans claim they want smaller government.. but republicans vote for larger budgets every time.
  • Republicans claim they want smaller government.. but Republicans continue to fund the EPA and the Department of Education.
  • Republicans claim they want more freedom.. but Republicans fund Obamacare.
  • Republicans claim they respect individual rights.. but Republicans support Democrat nominees like Loretta Lynch who will take away our civil rights.
  • Republicans claim they want more personal liberty.. like getting the government out of marriage.. so Republicans force sexual preference into my businesses, my schools and my churches.
  • Republicans claim they will secure our borders.. but they never vote to do so.

Do I need to add the Republican record on school choice and abortion?  I can.. and it isn’t good.

Now.. go ahead.  Tell me about your republican candidate for president.

    “Our Republican candidate is “less democrat” than Hillary Clinton or Elisabeth Warren?”
Now that isn’t saying much, is it.  You see, the problem is this.  It doesn’t matter what Republican politicians say once we’ve seen what Republican politicians do.  They don’t have much time to fix it before the voter’s make up their mind.

Liberty voters want a liberty candidate. We’ll vote libertarian or stay home if the republican party keeps feeding us RINOs.

Rob Morse

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