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TED talks on Self-Defense?

February 23, 2015

TED defense
An acquaintance asked about a series of professionally presented talks discussing armed self-defense.   I’d never thought of that, so I started a list of self-defense talks I’d like to hear.  Each talk requires someone who is both knowledgeable and persuasive in their presentation.

This is an exercise in fantasy at this point.  I’ve neither the talk, the speaker, nor the venue.  Right now I’m interested in an audience survey.   I’m curious what topics you would add or remove.  Please share your thoughts.
Rob Morse

Title- Self-defense, madam.. if you can keep it.
Subject- the American experiment and the historical roots of self-defense (Why here? Why now?)
Author- Clayton Cramer?

Title- Women and Children First
Subject- Individual security for vulnerable people in the era of growing government regulation
Author- Kathy Jackson and Lance Hill

Title- Concealed carry and illegal pocket knives
Subject- contemporary law and its conflict with self-defense
Author- Evan Nappen, Doug Ritter and David Jensen

Title- The limits of self-protection
Subject- what can the average man and woman do to protect themselves (the limits of civilian training and trainers)
Author- Tom Givens?

Title- the rough legal landscape of self-defense
Subject- why small details make a huge difference in court, inscrutable laws and political rent-seeking by politicians
Author- Andrew Branca and.. someone who knows the public-choice history of gun control.. That is probably some old head at the NRA-ILA.

Title- facts versus figures
Subject- what the media won’t know about self-defense
Author- Emily Miller, Alan Korwin and Guy Smith

Title- Trends in Liberty, Did the Women’s Movement create Gun Culture 2.0?
Subject- Is gun culture 2.0 simply the democratization of the women’s movement. I’ll take care of myself, thank you.
Author- Laura Carno, David Yamane and Michael Bane


Please comment.

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  1. Timothy Eicher permalink
    July 16, 2016 6:49 pm

    Self-defense generally connotes physical training, such as martial arts. More importantly, the more functional concept is self protection, a much more comprehensive approach to creating a safer world. Self-Protection would include the work of Gavin DeBecker in identifying behaviors that predict violence. It also would include understanding socialization and cultural norms that promote and perpetuate sexual and domestic violence, and personal beliefs that strengthen or weaken a person’s boundaries.

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