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Comfortable Control, by Frank Jack Fiamingo

February 22, 2015

Although it may be a hard pill to swallow, the majority of people PREFER to have a strong, powerful government “protecting” them. Understanding this fact is essential if we wish to successfully navigate the sea of discord we currently sail. It is naïve to think that this natural tendency of people to seek the path of least resistance will ever change. Most people will always believe that it is too difficult for them to determine who they can trust.   Can they trust the banks, corporate America, the food manufacturers, the FDA, and so on?

One of the reasons that governments arise, is to fill the gap that exists between the people and the other people and intuitions with which they must interact. We can all take a course in comparative governments in our spare time, but here in the United States of America, our founders and framers chose a form of government known as a Constitutional Republic. Most of us know this, and yet we have (for the most part) silently watched as the principles upon which the nation was founded have eroded to a barely identifiable distortion of its original intent. That intent was a government *OF*, *BY* and *FOR* the people (OBF).

Perhaps this was too lofty a goal. Perhaps the reality is closer to a government of, by and for the people who actually GIVE A DAMN! Unfortunately, the people who LEAST deserve our trust turn out to be those people who (for reasons of their own) have gained KONTROL of the mechanisms of our government. Again, the majority of people appear to prefer a horrible, dysfunctional government, over one in which they have to be personally engaged. I suppose it doesn’t matter HOW sad this is, if it is true. The point is, expecting “the people” to suddenly awaken from their blissful ignorance, is simply wishful thinking.

What all this means to me is that it is probably way PAST time to give up on the idea of encouraging the majority of people to act in their own best interest. That is the equivalent of shoveling “stuff” against the tide. Since people seem to prefer to be LED rather than to THINK, we need to concentrate our efforts on leadership. I would like to encourage people who are interested in this subject to brainstorm with me on just exactly HOW we can give “the people” what they will accept, while we work on guiding the nation back closer to its original principles. In case you are wondering, I do not labor under any delusions that I have the answers.

Frank wrote this a few weeks ago. It is my fault I did not post it sooner.

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