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Keep a Sense of Perspective on Islam

February 18, 2015


By all means, Mr. President, let’s keep a sense of perspective on the actions of Islam.

  • Muslims destroyed the World Trade Towers killing 2900 people in 2001.
  • A Muslim attacked soldiers in Fort Hood and murdered 32 people in 2009.
  • Boko Haram which means “western education is forbidden” killed 1500 Christians in northern Africa during 2014.
  • Muslims bombed a girl’s school in Pakistan and killed 141 students in December of 2014.
  • There were over 4 thousand rocket attacks and mortar attacks against Israel in 2014.  President Obama was misinformed.  The rockets were launched by Muslims, not Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Muslims shot and killed 67 shoppers in a Nairobi mall in 2014, and 164 in Mumbai hotels in 2008.
  • The Islamic State sold children as sex slaves late in 2014.  They published a price list.
  • Muslims murdered 12 people during an attack against a humor/satire magazine in Paris last month.
  • Muslims burned a pilot alive.
  • This week, African Muslims posted videos showing scores of Egyptian Christians being beheaded.


How many terror attacks have Christians committed against Muslims?  I’ll make it easy for you and let you count the attacks by Christians in the last 10 years.  Here is a hint; there were riots between Christians and Muslims in Africa last year.

So how many Christians asked for help selling Muslim children into sexual slavery this year?  Hmm.

I noticed the difference between the violence committed by Christians and by Muslims.  So did you.  President Obama couldn’t see the difference.  His blindness is dangerous to the United States and the entire world.

Could you tell if they were Christians or Muslims selling young girls into slavery?  American feminists can’t see the difference either.

Do not follow the blind.


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