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Firearms Practice Imperfect

February 7, 2015

PWG empty

I shot an IDPA match at Poway Weapons and Gear last night.  I had fun.  For a while I was disappointed at my performance.  I want to do my best.  Sometimes that makes me reluctant to challenge myself.  It could be something as simple as shooting in low-light conditions that makes me shy away from testing my performance.  The match last night gave me an opportunity to learn.

We had the 50-yard range to ourselves for the match.  Look at the picture and notice the dark area half way down the range.  Parts of the range are dimly lit.  I don’t know if that was by accident or by design.  We set up the second stage in the dim area.

I found it harder to see the target in the dim light.  It was harder to see the sights on the pistol.  I had to depend on kinesthetics to get the sights close to the target since there were fewer visual cues from the shape of the pistol as it rose.

Hmm.  Grumble.  Old eyes.

That wasn’t an unfair test.  Each competitor faced the same conditions.  Comparing indoor performance with outdoor performance isn’t unfair.  It is foolish.  If anything, I should practice indoors under low-light conditions more often.  Sure, my performance would suffer, but my training would benefit.  We are more likely to need a firearm for self-defense at night and in dim light.  I should probably shoot in the rain also, but we don’t have much of that in Southern California.

Last night I learned to shoot better under imperfect conditions.  I also learned that there are more challenges than simply shooting faster and faster.  I give credit to all the shooters who train in the dark and the wet and the dirt.

I also had clear evidence that some people are much better shooters than I am.  They can shoot twice as fast and with better accuracy.  Wow.  They inspire me.

Now I have to get off the couch and be inspired.


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