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More “Free Stuff” for the Masses

January 11, 2015

What do you do with your failed presidency? Obama’s economic plans, like his Obamacare and his environmental diktats, have severely hurt the economy. A vast number of us are not working.

Many of the unemployed are young adults.  They will remember that Obama destroyed their economic future.  This doesn’t look good for the Democrat Partie’s future.

I know! Let’s double down on stupid. College students are already drowning in debt due to government held student loans. Now, in order to buy off the young people who can’t find jobs, Obama will forgive their debts on student loans. He will offer free junior college.  That will also make the education establishment even more regulated and obsequious to the government.

I see. Obama is doing to Education what he already did to Healthcare.

I predict similar results.


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