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Blinded by Political Correctness

January 11, 2015


The question of politically correct thoughts was brought up by the recent murders by muslims in France.  Let us state simple facts.

  • Islam does not recognize the equal rights of non-muslims.
  • Muslims are guaranteed absolution if they wage a “holy struggle” against anyone they consider non-believers.  They think non-believers include different sects of islam.
  • The relationship between the european citizen and his government is extremely paternalistic.   Europeans largely believe the state will take care of them and protect them.  The major political arguments are over who should be the favored child.
  • Politics follow culture, so armed self-defense is not considered an option in europe.. even after a mass murder.
  • The statists in america find mass murder useful.  They, like their european counterparts, use mass murder to call for weaker citizens.
  • American statists use any catastrophe to demonize their political opponents.  Believe me.  I’m an expert on this.  I grew up in California where individual liberty, responsibility, and self-sufficiency were blamed for earthquakes.


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