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Politicians Aim at Police.. While They Rob and Burn the Poor

January 3, 2015

Fires spread throughout the city of Dellwood, Missouri during the protests.We know it is racism if a Klansmen in a white sheet destroys a black neighborhood.  If a politician gives us the same result, the media will euphemistically excuse it by calling it “the politics of division.”  If I wanted to crush minority neighborhoods then I’d make it hard to start a business there.  Next, I’d attack police officers who patrol minority neighborhoods.  I’d blame the cops when they defend themselves.  That way, thugs would multiply and minority neighborhoods would suffer from more crime.  If I wanted to burn minorities out of their homes, I’d shoot at firefighters who respond in minority neighborhoods.  That way fires would then burn unchecked.  Those ugly truths sounds like the results of our politicians policies.. and a Klansmen’s dream come true.

So called “black leaders” are creating these same situations so we are entitled to ask whose side the racial agitators are on.  Do they want crime to explode in poor black neighborhoods?  Do they want to burn down black neighborhoods and leave people on the street?  All the black people I know don’t want this.  I bet the vast majority of ordinary citizens of color do not want this either.  But maybe that is exactly the outcome that self-appointed “black leaders” and some politicians want.  Racism is exactly what they need to stay in power and get re-elected.  Where would they be if we “solved” racism?

Racism exists in white and in black communities.  Are there also problems with policemen in the US?  Of course there are. But, calling every cop a racist isn’t true.  Blaming every problem in the black community on racism leaves us blind to other causes.

Too many police departments have a foolish “cover your blue ass first” policy.  That policy undermines every honest cop on the force.  Mayors and their corrupt police chiefs need to be run from office until that cover-up culture  is gone.. but that isn’t enough.  Even if we could get rid of every last drop of police corruption, the bigger problem is that politicians asked the cops to do way too much!!

The problem is the laws themselves and the politicians who sell us more and more laws every year.  Politicians made everything illegal and taxed everyone to death.  It takes months to start a legal business.  Even cutting hair and applying makeup is licensed, regulated and registered.  Then we send a guy with a gun to make sure you post the right licenses and signs.  That is crazy.

We’re using the cops to enforce the politician’s tastes on the citizens.  The cops and politicians are human, so they enforce the law against citizens who are the easiest to arrest and prosecute.  That usually means poor minorities.  Our laws and regulations are so numerous and complex that we are all criminals.. and at the mercy of the corrupt politician.

Minorities in the inner cities have seen it, but some of the suburbanites don’t believe me.

Fine.  Let me show you.  You’re arrested for dropping off a friend near work, because the politicians need the kickbacks from the cab companies.  You can’t even deliver groceries for a sick friend without risking a ticket.  You’re not allowed to sell a cigarette, because the politicians need the cigarette tax revenue.  Make sure you don’t sell too much soda or you’ll run afoul of the food police.  Repeat those encroachments a million times, and you see why we like the policemen we know, but hate law enforcement.  Illegal enterprise thrives once you’ve made it impossible for the poor to legally run a business.

The “peace officer” is dead.  He was replaced by the tax collector with a badge and a gun.  Unfortunately, that trend will become worse before it becomes better.Obama peace

Even our very own minister of peace and freedom, M Barack Obama, imposed an additional 75 thousand pages of regulations on us last year.   He also threw open the borders.  Regulations have consequences, so you and I become criminals.  Prosecutors let violent thugs walk free because there isn’t enough political payoff or revenue to justify prosecuting violent criminals or illegal aliens.

The solution is simple.  We need fewer laws until we actually apply the few we have left.  We need more freedom and less regulation.  Minorities and the police will be the first to benefit.

What would the race hustlers do then?limit government
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  1. January 3, 2015 11:09 am

    Rob great article, we posted at GOS with full link backs as usual.

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    • January 3, 2015 3:01 pm

      Thank you, though this article is about personal responsibility rather than firearms.


      • January 4, 2015 8:08 am

        My idea of personal responsibility is taking care of my family, what better way to do that than being prepared and self defense is a good place to start.


  2. January 3, 2015 2:11 pm


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