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If Black Lives Mattered…

December 20, 2014

Do black lives matter?  The answer depends on who you ask.

NUMBER-ONE-KILLER-2013-FBIf black lives mattered, then we wouldn’t kill so many black children before they are born. Then again, the thousand black children aborted every day do serve a useful purpose. Politicians promised cheap birth control and cheap abortions in exchange for votes. It is clear that cheap sex delivers at the ballot box.  Simply examine the results of the last election.

If black lives mattered, then we wouldn’t destroy black families. We wouldn’t pay single mothers to have unwed children over and over.  We wouldn’t drive black men out of their families and replace men with a government check.

If black lives mattered, then we’d encourage life-long married love in the black community. Life-long married love is how men, women and children thrive for generation after generation. Politicians promised government handouts, and they sacrificed the black family. That deal seems to be working really well so far.. for the politicians.

060613-national-unemployment-rate-uchanged-lineIf black lives mattered, then we wouldn’t destroy the economy of our inner cities. We’d eliminate the minimum wage so poor people could find a job. We’d eliminate the licensing and zoning laws that keep black men and women from starting their own businesses right in their own communities. The struggle for a job isn’t between work and poverty. The struggle is between existing business interests, and poor people trying to get permission from city hall to start a business or get a job. The first rule of politics is to follow the money. Existing businesses and unions don’t want more competition. The money the politicians took from existing businesses and unions has paid off handsomely.. but not for poor blacks.

black-studentIf black lives mattered, then we would let black families educate their children in any school they could find.. rather than forcing their children to attend failing government schools. It turns out that politicians and teachers are more concerned with union support than with educating black children.

If black lives mattered, then we’d condemn racism without noticing whether the racist was white.. or black.

If black lives mattered, we’d at least talk about it rather than say that things can’t change.

..if black lives mattered.

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  1. Hal H permalink
    December 20, 2014 10:09 pm

    I don’t usually find much to fault in what you have to say, but I think you are barking up a whole bunch of the wrong trees here.

    my favorite is your suggestion to eliminate the minimum wage… so folks can get a job making what? nothing? minimum wage means the worker has so little value to the employer that the only reason they make that much is cause the employer can’t pay them less… talk about devaluing a individual… and you suggest we eliminate that little bit of protection. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference, there are no jobs for those that would work for less.

    1.21 million abortions a year… 37% of them by blacks… comes out to almost 450,000… over 1200 a day.

    Black lives won’t matter to society until black lives matter to the black community… no matter how much lip service that community gives to the idea.


    • December 21, 2014 7:56 pm

      Don’t give me your opinion or your hunch, Hal. What is your evidence? Your statement does not match what I know about economics. We don’t need minimum oil prices, and oil is scarce. We don’t need minimum dirt prices, and dirt is common. We don’t need minimum prices for anything else. We didn’t have a minimum wage during the depression in the 1930s and blacks had a LOWER unemployment rate than whites at that time.. and the wage was not “nothing”.

      Evidence, please.


  2. Hal H permalink
    December 21, 2014 10:02 pm

    you provided me with your opinion… I returned the favor. I have no evidence to support my position as to whether or not a minimum wage was a good idea, but I failed to notice you providing any evidence as well.
    Oil is far from scarce… have you seen the price of oil lately? There is a friggin glut of oil and natural gas on the market and there will soon be much more, and yet, gasoline prices haven’t fallen very much and diesel prices are still ridiculous.
    Dirt I got lots of… what I really need is soil! that stuff is priceless and yet we waste tons and tons every year, just let it wash out to sea.
    If you want to return to the quality of life of the 1930’s you go right ahead! Not me thank you very much! There are many schools of economic theory… some of them encourage wage and price controls… I am not saying they are right, but then again, I am not saying they are wrong either.
    But, here is my real question, when was the last time you tried living on minimum wage or even something like 50% above minimum wage?


    • December 28, 2014 10:53 am

      The current federal minimum wag is 7.25 $. And on Jan 1 2015 20 states will be raising their minimum wages to approximately 9$. Washington state will be the highest at 9.47$. Now lets do some math 9.47/7.25=1.3062. So the minimum wage goes up by 30%! (7.25x 130%=9.47) I have provided a link to the average fast food revenues and expenses in 2013. Profit is at 3% and payroll is 26%. If you take the 2013 wages and multiply it by 130%(this is assuming every employee is getting paid minimum wage) you will find that wages and payroll now take up 34.4% of the total costs of running the fast food restaurant. To calculate the new profit simply add up revenue (3%) and the old wages (26%) and subtract from 34.4. 29-34.4= -5.4 Congratulations big government you have turned a once profitable business in a business that must cut hours on employees and raise prices just to overcome a 5.4% deficit that didn’t exist the year before.
      Even if you don’t understand math behind it, you will see the dollar menu fade away. I personally (in MN) haven’t seen the Burger King 1 dollar Double cheeseburger in about 3 years…

      Average fast food profit in 2013:



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