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Obama, Chicago, and the Politics of Open Borders

November 29, 2014


Everything I needed to know about President Barack Obama, I learned in Chicago.  That is where President Barack Obama was a community organizer.  President Obama found and delivered needy voters to the Democrat political machine.  That was Obama’s first and only job.  That is where President Obama learned politics.  So did his staff.  Look at the results.  The Democrat machine in Chicago wiped out the middle class.  Light-manufacturing businesses once formed the economic backbone of Chicago.  Now they are gone.  The middle class left Chicago for other cities, or other states.  Now Obama did the same thing to America.   That is why the borders are open today.

The American people need jobs while President Obama’s phone and pen have wiped out jobs across America.  It started with banking reform, forced unionization, and finally with Obamacare.  President Obama systematically hurt firms from coast to coast.  Manufacturing needs materials and energy.  Our President closed mines across the US and restricted oil drilling on federal lands.  Politically imposed water restrictions created new dust-bowls in the western states.

The economic downturn has reduced demand for electricity.  Regulation has driven up electricity prices despite the decreased demand.

The American people have had enough.  We said so in the last election.  We turned to the Republicans in hope they would give us fewer imperial solutions and leave us alone to solve our problems.

That means President Obama has to solve one final problem.  He needs new voters for the Democrat Partie.  Where can he find these voters after he’s already destroyed the working middle class across America?  Chicago imported a new generation of poor people to replace the middle class.  Now, President Obama wants to import unskilled, low-opportunity voters from South America.

We’ve seen this before in Chicago.  We know how this will turn out.  Once you destroy their jobs and their families, once you put them on welfare, give them government food, housing, education and healthcare.. then you own them.  You own these new voters for life, if not for generations.  The new immigrants will vote the way they are told.

Welcome to the new plantation and the same old slavery.  Hey, it is an ugly solution, but it works for Democrat politicians.

Barack and the Democrat party need more voters.  That is why the borders are open for low skilled immigrants.  Ask yourself this- how long would it take Barack to close the border if the immigrants were evangelical home-school families?  I’m guessing the border would be secured overnight.  Immigration was never about compassion for the poor.  It was, and will be, about votes.  The compassion for immigrants would evaporate if anchor babies were not citizens and the wave of border-crashers and their children were permanently denied the right vote.  That is how Mexico treats immigrants.  That is what most countries do.

There are a few risks to the Democrat’s plan to import voters.  The propaganda arm of the Democrat party has some heavy explaining to do.  They have to convince the working poor that these waves of unskilled immigrants are not taking jobs from America’s poor.  Barack needs a serious re-education plan for America’s poor.  The poor have to be taught that their poverty is really about racism.  That is an easy sell in some communities.  The main stream media is exactly the tool to spread that propaganda.Propaganda machine

If you want to know about President Barack Obama, then look at Chicago and believe what you see.



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    Obama, Chicago, and the Politics of Open Borders


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