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Debate Concealed Carry on One America News

November 27, 2014

I was on One America News with Tomi Lahren.  We debated the new concealed carry laws in California.  The show plays at these times.
Wednesday November 26th at 9:00pmPST/12:00pmEST
Friday November 28th at 9:00pmPST/12:00pmEST
Saturday November 29th at 5:00pmPST/8:00pmEST
Sunday November 30th at 5:00pmPST/8:00pmEST

Here is the promotional video.


I have a lot to learn about being on camera.


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  1. November 27, 2014 12:08 pm

    Mike McLively is mistaken. It is not ‘difficult for police to respond’ when an armed citizen is on scene keeping the lid on and holding a suspect for officers. How do police respond today when an undercover officer is already on scene? They are trained, because they often encounter a call where someone is already on scene. They often expect a UC officer – or private citizen – to be present who is not reported on the air to officers.

    In fact, an attorney should already know that a citizen has a great deal of authority to act in the absence of police. This is identical to how a passerby may administer CPR prior to the arrival of Paramedics. The ‘statistics’ are incorrect and misleading in how a viewer may make a decision before refusing to own a gun.



  1. Episode 289 – Prepper Press | The Polite Society Podcast

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