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The Favored Few- the Supreme Court Outlaws Discrimination.. sort of

November 8, 2014

man_vs_woman_headerWe used to be men and women.  That was before the latest rulings from the US Supreme Court.  Now men and women are the same.  This judicial finding was news to me, but I’m not as smart as 5 Supreme Court justices.  Now, we have been given official notice that men and women are the same.  That leaves me wondering why the federal government continue to discriminate in the wake of these latest rulings.  Yes, the government discriminates!  Men and women are now officially the same, so why do we need laws to protect women or men any longer?

We are all “people” or purple penguins now.   For one thing, that means we don’t have to let men or women into college.  There is no need for women-owned businesses, because people are just.. people.  Our new found equality makes discrimination impossible because we are all officially interchangeable.  Having a women’s studies department is a clear sign that colleges discriminate.  So are women’s sports teams.  Quick, guys.  Call an ambulance-chasing lawyer because you’re next payout has arrived with a discrimination lawsuit against the local college!

I can hear the objections already.  Perhaps I misunderstood.  Perhaps some of us more equal than others in the eyes of the politicians!?  I bet that is what the judges mean.  What the politicians want is a preferred victim class, and this class owns everyone else because.. well, because it seems we’re not all the same after all.

You think minority women are victims, but they are already given preferred treatment under law.  Take education as an example.  We ignore the fact that fewer men than women graduate from college.  By yesterday’s standards of discrimination, that difference in outcome was a clear sign of injustice and lack of opportunities for men.  Despite that obvious evidence of “discrimination”, we don’t see colleges lowering their admission standards for men.  We don’t see colleges offer more tuition grants and discount student loans in order to attract and retain more men.  Guys, get your civil rights lawyer on speed dial!

But wait a minute.  At the very top end of the performance curve, men are also smarter than women.  That means it must be discrimination and cultural prejudice that is keeping smart women from graduating.  That sounds sexist to me.  That is why we started quotas for women in math, science and engineering.  Women, call 1-800-LAW- SUIT today!

Look in the other direction as well.  At the bottom end of the bell curve, we see more men with mental-health and criminal behavior problems.  Since today’s men and women are the same, that difference in incarceration must be from gender based social and legal discrimination against men.  That isn’t a surprise.  We already tolerate gender based and discriminatory regulations in our family-law, and those laws clearly discriminate against men based on the unequal outcomes we see.  So while politicians want to remove the terms mother and father, our politicians seem determined to keep the terms political winner and political loser.  The solution seems simple enough.  We need more legal discrimination to cure these inequalities against men.

To start, we need higher legal standards of conduct for women.  We need established quotas of prosecution and conviction until we achieve equality between the incarceration rate of the sexes.  If equality is important, we must increase the number of women in prison to equal the number of incarcerated men!

There now, we’ve adjusted the laws so we have a nice and equal outcome.  That finally seems fair.

You say that isn’t what the political power brokers want?  They want all of us to be equal.. but they also want some of us to be more equal than others.  (Thank you, George Orwell.)   Then let us bring our moral standards of fairness up to date.  Now we choose our victim class on how much they favor a political party in power.  (Who knew that George Orwell was not cynical enough!)

You say that isn’t what you want?  If you disagree, then you read the judges rulings and listen to the politician’s testimony.  Maybe then you can explain the shifting sands of the preferred victim class.  I think the only way to stop political favoritism is to limit the scope of government.

I’ll believe we are all equal when they eliminate the EEOC.  Until then, the government continues to play favorites.


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