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I Can’t Make You Care About Politics

October 25, 2014

You don’t care about politics.  It is too much bother to for you to vote.  Really?

Do you care if people have jobs?  A third of us are not working.  We have an administration who uses their phone and their pen to pile a trillion dollars of new regulatory cost on industry.  The only growth industry in the Obama economy is processing unemployment and welfare benefits.

Do you care about immigration?  The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population.  We have a White House who wants to invite the other 95 percent to live here and vote for them.  Guess who gets to pay for it.

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Do you care about the next generation of Americans?  New government debt and taxes will cripple us for generations to come.  Do you plan to live here or leave?

Do you care about religious freedom?  The government now tells churches who they can hire, who they can fire, what they can say, and who they can donate to.  Religious freedom has been reduced to the freedom to worship.

Do you care about your liberty and free elections?  The federal government refuses to prosecute voter fraud.  At the same time, they challenge state laws that require voters identify themselves.

I could give more examples.  Do I need to?  Politicians are not perfect.  I know we don’t get the choices we want to vote for.  Despite that, it seems we have every reason to vote this year.  The reason is simple.  Politicians are running our lives.. whether we care about politics.. or not.

First posted at Clash Daily.

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